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Hellooo cookies!!
Welcome to:
Wanna One Imagines💞

This is the 2nd book im writing woohoo!!

Again,if y'all have requests,please comment or pm me!!

Of course,this will include all the members:

Kang Daniel
Park Jihoon
Lee Daehwi
Kim Jaehwan
Ong Seongwoo
Park Woojin
Lai Guanlin
Yoon Jisung
Hwang Minhyun
Bae Jinyoung
Ha sungwoon

I will also accept request for the other pd101 season 2 trainees!

How to request:

The member you want me to write about/bias

Genre of imagines
Strictly no smuts!!

Any type of specific scenario

Name (optional)
If you do not want to put your name,I will put (Y/N) as a substitute :)

Any extra information
Like the way its written, Eg. Texts,letters etc. or season

Please also,only request here or pm me! I solely made this A/N for all of you to request here and not on the imagines itself.

I will also limit requests to only 10 at a time.So if you have requested and I did not respond,please wait until I respond back to you!

If you requested,please be patient as I don't update fast due to school but i'll try to update as soon as possible!

I will start this book with my own imagines because I dont think anyone would request so stay tuned;)

Votes and comments are also appreciated!!

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