Fuck me up~ Tadashi and Hiro LEMON

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Fuck me up~ Tadashi and Hiro LEMON

"Goodbye, (Y/N)!" You looked back and saw Gogo waving at you. "Bye, see you tomorrow!" With that, you continued walking out of the labs and into your car. 'What a long day' You thought as you started driving to your home. Once you got there, you made yourself some nice dinner and went to bed. You were on your phone when you looked at a picture that was in your nightstand.

It was a photo of Hiro, Tadashi and you smiling. You couldn't deny that you had feelings for both brothers. You started imagining how would it be to kiss Tadashi and the Hiro. Your thoughts ran a little wilder and started imagining about how would it be to be pressed against both of them while they were ravishing your body.

You pulled off the covers from you and put your phone in the nightstand, where you got your toys. Two dildos. There was the red one that represented Tadashi and the blue one that represented Hiro. Your clothes were quickly discarded as your body heat began to rise at the excitement. You started your session by touching yourself first with your fingers. You moaned at the sensation of tour fingers buried deep in you. While your other hand was toying aloud sth your breasts, massaging your nipples and rolling them between your fingers, adding more pleasure.

When your entrance was lubed, you inserted the first one in your ass. "Hiro!" You whimpered as the blue dildo entered it making you see stars. You moaned louder when the red dildo went up your pussy. "Tadashi! Ahh! Yes! Fuck!" You couldn't help but scream as you move the dildos in and out of you. You closed your eyes as you imagined being the brothers' cocks inside you moving so deliciously. Your moans we accompanying the wet sounds that your sexual juices were making. Your back arched at the pleasure you were receiving.

With faster movements and louder moans, you came. The dildos were out of you and your entrance was covered in your juices that were seeping out because of the great masturbation session you just had. What you didn't knew is that you had two watchers that were enjoying the show that you just gave them.

Tadashi's P.O.V

"What do you want to do, Hiro?" I said while sighing as the both of us wre just bored out of our minds in home. "I don't know" Hiro said form the other side of the room. I kept fidgeting with a pencil when my eyes trialed to the photo we took with (Y/N) when we meet her.

"How about we visit (Y/N)? We haven't seen her all day" Hiro asked and I thought about it. "It's kinda late, I don't know if she's still up" I said looking at the digital clock. "Well, let's go and see" Hiro insisted. "Okay, let's go then" Said standing up and grabbing my jacket.

We drove to (Y/N)' house. Most of the lights were out except one, the one in her room. "See? She might be up" Hiro said and handed me the key. (Y/N) gave us a copy of her house key in case of some emergency. We quietly entered and closed the door. We went upstairs but see stopped by some sounds.

"Did you hear that?" I whispered to Hiro and he nodded. 'Is (Y/N) in danger?!' I thought and we got closer to her room. "Fuck yes!" A moan was heard and our eyes went wide. We stood still as we heard another loud moan. I sneakily opened the door enough to see what was going on. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't make a sound.

"What is it?" Hiro said and took a peek through the door. He pulled back and his face was surprised as well as mine. We opened the door a little wider so we could get a better view. They was (Y/N) in her bed naked, her fingers were deep inside her. She was moaning while groping her breasts. She was sitting against the bed so we had a complete view of what was going on.

Hiro and I were blushing hard as hard as our dicks. My pants were getting really tight at the view. Unconsciously, my hand started rubbing my crotch and I had bite my lip to contain my moans. I looked at Hiro and he was doing the same. My eyes went back at (Y/N) and were surprised when we saw (Y/N) stick two dildos inside her. But what surprised us more is when she screamed out our names. Hiro and I looked at each other surprised but nonetheless we continued to watch.

Rubbing wasn't helping that much so I decided to take it to the next step and pull my cock out of my pants. My hands started stroking it slowly as my eyes were fixated on (Y/N)'s body which was glistening in sweat and her love juices. Her moans were really turning me on. My dick was covered in pre-cum. I had to bite my lips so I wouldn't moan aloud. My hands were moving as fast as (Y/N)'s movements. I breathed out as I came in my hand. Before I could react, Hiro had opened the door.

"Hiro!" (Y/N) said surprised trying to cover her body with the silk sheets. Her eyes trailed to my kneeling figure with cock in my hand. "What are you guys doing here?!" Her face was blushing. "What a show you gave us" Hiro said and (Y/N) looked away.

Your P.O.V

'I can't believe that they saw me masturbate!' You looked away from them in embarrassment. "Maybe we can help you, right Hiro?" You were surprised when you heard Tadashi. "Yes, we clearly saw that you were dreaming about our dicks inside your tight holes" The way that Hiro was dirty talking was taking a toll on you. "Why not make that true, do you agree to this, (Y/N)?" Tadashi whispers in your ear.

Shivers ran down your spine at his hot breath in your ear. You quickly nodded. Tadashi's lips attacked yours while Hiro's were attacking your sensitive buds. You separated to breath and helped the brothers to get undressed.

You were forced into your knees in the floor. Hiro and Tadashi were towering over you. You started with Hiro's length and put it on your mouth while one of your hands was pleasing Tadashi. You started to switch every thirty seconds. "Ah, (Y/N)! I'm going to cum!" Tadashi shouted as his hips kept bucking in your hand while Hiro made you take him deeper.

When you felt both of their mandhoods twitch, you started to pump both of them with your hands. Their groans were making a mess down your area as you arousal continued to drip into the floor. Before you knew it, your face and chest were covered in semen. You got up and spread your legs bending down.

"I need you inside me" You purred as your hands started to play with your clit. Soon enough, both of the brother took their position. One in front and the other in the back. You were sandwiched between the Hamada brothers. You jumped on Tadashi's arms and positioned your ass so Hiro could enter. Once he did, you couldn't help yourself but to moan loudly. He was filling you up in a better way that the dildo did.

Tadashi got his turn and entered your womanhood with one hard thrust. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. They didn't waste any time and started moving wildly. One of your arms was hanging around Tadashi's neck while the other was around Hiro's neck. Their thrusts made your body jolt. With Hiro kissing your neck and Tadashi eating your breasts, you started to shout louder.

You kissed both passionately. Pants, groans, moans, screams, skin slapping against skin and wet sounds filled your room. "Tadashi! Hiro! I'm cumming!" You screamed and their movements we harder and faster. The three of you founded your release moaning in pleasure. Heavy pants resonated in your ears.

You were put down but collapsed in the second. Hiro catching you in his arms. The brothers watched how all of their semen was pouring out of you. "I love you guys" You said with a smile. "We love you too" The room smelled like sex but no one cared. Tadashi helped you get cleaned up while Hiro cleaned the mess they've made. Once they were done, you laid down with the 2 men of your life. Falling asleep in Hiro's chest while Tadashi hugged you from behind, the three of you fell into a deep sleep.

Extended ending:
The next morning-

"I don't think you'll need this anymore" Tadashi said wiggling around the jelly dildos. "Yeah, you have the real things now" Hiro said smirking making you hid your face between the sheets. "But what if I'm lonely?" You said not wanting to throw away the toys. "Then you can call us. We are always free" Tadashi said smirking down at you.

"We can fuck you anytime" Hiro said. "Then fuck me up again" You whimpered as your hands we touching their cocks under the covers. They smirked to each other and another round was on.


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