Distracted~ Hiro LEMON

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Distracted~ Older Hiro X Reader
Hiro is 22 years old

"How fun! Yay!" You said groaning at the sight of all of your paperwork. Your husband and you worked at SFIT as teachers. Tadashi had moved with Honey who already have 2 kids. You and Hiro were already 22 years old. You met each other one day in class when you enrolled at SFIT.

You had to bring paperwork home so you were in your bedroom. The bed covered in exams. With a sigh, you went in and started checking the students' exams. "How you doing?" The voice of your husband snapped you out of your concentration state making you annoyed. "Do you need something, honey?" You said with a fake smile.

"No. I just wanted to check up on you" Hiro said smiling. "I'm good" You said hoping that he could leave you alone but he actually went to a chair and sat down. You mentally sighed and you continued clicking your pen as your eyes were concentrated in the answers of your students. It didn't pass two minutes, when Hiro started tapping his feet in the ground. Seconds later, he was humming and whistling.

Doing your best to ignore him, you continued your work. His sounds annoyed you to no end. It got into a point that you looked at Hiro and he just looked at you smiling like a little kid. "Hiro, baby. You don't have anything else to do?" You said with a soft tone trying not to show how annoyed you were.

"Not actually, baby" You whimpered lightly and pout mentally. Ignoring your husband and his silly noises again, your work continued. Suddenly, you felt the bed shift and you looked up to see your handsome man sitting next to you smiling. "Hiro, I can tell that you are bored" You said smiling.

"Yes, I am" Hiro said pouting. "Well, you might find something to do" You said shrugging. "I did" Hiro said proudly. "And what is it?" Your tone sounded totally uninterested. "Staring at the beautiful face of my lady" You were flushed by his words but shook it away. You needed to finish it. You rolled your eyes and giggled. "Shut up"

Soft lips were placed upon your neck as you scribbled some notes down. "Hiro. I'm trying to work here" You said closing your eyes trying to contain yourself before you jumped on him and let him fuck you senseless. "(Y/N), I need you" Hiro whispered in the most seductive voice he could just to get your attention. "Not enough" I smirked at him.

From the corner of your eye, you saw Hiro stood up from the bed and back into the chair. Thinking that he finally gave up on the whole idea of distracting you, you relaxed and continued. What you didn't know is that your hot husband wasn't going to give up.

Hiro slouched back into the chair. Slowly unzipping his pants, he looked at you... No more like tried to tempt you with his burning gaze. He was half erect so that made things easier for him. He pulled his boxers down just enough that his pink and swollen tip peeked out. Wondering if Hiro actually was just not doing nothing, you looked up and regretted it in the moment.

There was your intelligent and awesome husband staring at you with lust cuddling his orbs. Your eyes trailed down to his waist where his trap was. You gulped as Hiro pulled down more his boxers exposing himself to you in such a needy and sexy way that was making you wet. Hiro just watched with a smirk the whole time.

Hiro was tempting and testing you in how long would you stay sane. Deciding to take things farther, he pulled out his cock. It was standing erect and proud, veins popping out, pre-cum already leaking out and was twitching. Hiro's finger trailed up and down his shaft making him groan. You licked your lips as you continued to watch Hiro's little show.

Slowly, he started to pump himself. Up and down. Hiro was moaning and thrusting into his own hand seeking his release. Your need was bigger and in a second, you were in your knees sucking his dick furiously. Hiro smirked wider and grabbed your head guiding you. Seconds later, he came in your mouth. You parted away, cum dripping down.

You took some into your fingers and licked them clean. Hiro couldn't stand the view so he kissed your roughly. Both of your tongues were everywhere. Hiro guided you to the bed, throwing all the exams and papers to the floor. Both of you fell back into the bed still kissing.

Hiro wasted no time and ripped open your shirt. Because you were in your house you were braless (is that a thing? XD) making things easier for him. Your back arched when he attached one of your nipples into his mouth while harshly tugging the other bud. Both of you are in need of sex... And quick. In a matter of seconds and a lot of kissing, both of you were grinding your naked hips together so that your skin could get some friction.

Hiro was hard for you and you were wet for him making the perfect combination. "Time to make some babies, love" Hiro whispered as he rubbed his tip along your folds to lubricate himself with your erotic juices. "Make me one thousand,  please" You pleaded smiling. Hiro smiled and kissed you as he entered you slowly. Even though, both of you were in heat, you decided to go slow enjoying the moment.

Hiro's foreskin was rubbing your walls in a slow motion. Moaning your lungs out, you flipped him over wanting to take control. "Your face is such a distraction even when you are riding me" Hiro said between pants and moans. "Says the guy who pulled out his dick to distract his wife" You growled out closing your eyes in pleasure.

"I just want to make some babies" He replied raising his hips to meet yours. With his hands on your hips and yours in his chest, you both came screaming each other's names. You rolled over to the bed. Your pants were the only thing you could hear. The room smelled like sex. "Fuck you, Hiro Hamada" You said looping at your husband who was still coming down from his high bliss.

"You just did, (Y/N) Hamada" You laughed at his words and rolled over his chest. He hugged you tightly and lifted up your face to kiss you sweetly this time. Sharing an 'I love you' you fell asleep.


"SHIT!" You cursed out at the thing in front of you. "Babe, you okay there?" Hiro asked from the closed bathroom door. "Hiro, you distracting shit" Your cursed your husband. "Are you in your period, (Y/N)?" Hiro asked author a small voice hoping that his wife wouldn't kill him for such question.

"I'm not for 9 months, thanks to you" You said through gritted teeth. Hiro's eyes widen and opened the door smiling. "Guess there is going to be a bigger distraction around" Hiro said hugging you and kissing your cheek.

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