Magical hands~ Tadashi LEMON

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Magical hands~ Tadashi X Reader

"Holy shit" You whispered as your vision got blurry from staring at the computer too long. A knock was heard on your lab's door. "Come in!" You yelled as your eyes didn't leave the computer screen. "Hey" You froze instantly. You knew that voice too well. It was your best friend and crush, Tadashi Hamada.

"Heyyyy" You said. "(Y/N), you need to take a break. You have been here for 8 hours already and everyone is home now" Tadashi said with a worried tone. Tadashi Hamada worried for you? Ha! What a joke! Right? I mean he only sees you as a friend, right? That's at least what you thought.

"I'm good" You replied back. "No, you are not" Tadashi said walking towards you. He pulled your swivel chair towards his body until he was facing you. "You look really tense. Let me help you" Tadashi said smiling at you. You gave up and nodded. He turned off your computer and made you sit in a sofa-bed in your lab.

He laid out all the sheets and turned off most of the lights only leaving one in your desk. The room was dim lighted making it perfect. You sat down and looked at Tadashi. However, he only stared at you. "What?" You said giggling.

"I'm waiting for you" He said and you tipped your head to the side confused. "For me?" You asked. "Yeah, I can't work with your shirt on" Your eyes widened making him smile. "Come on" He encouraged you. Shakily, your fingers gripped the hem of your shirt.

Pulling your shirt over your head, Tadashi looked at you with hungry eyes. Your (S/C) shone in the moonlight. Tadashi took out a bottle of body oils from his bag. "Why did you have that with you?" You asked. "I came here to give you a massage, what did you think?" Tadashi said smiling.

"How do you know to massage?" You asked. "Aunt Cass taught me" He said smirking. "Take off your bra and lay in your back" You couldn't believe him but you did anyway. You are about to ask him something when you turned back to see him taking off his shirt.

He caught you looking at him. "What? That makes me feel more comfortable" You looked away from him blushing you ass off. Suddenly, you heard relaxing music in his background. You sighed softly. Your body jumped as cold oil hit your back. Tadashi's hands were glading around your back relaxing your muscles.

His hands were making magic in your back making you shiver and sigh.

"Can I?" Tadashi asked but you were too lost in the pleasure and relaxation that you didn't hear him but just hummed. He smirked and removed your skirt. Tadashi's eyes went wide when he saw that you weren't wearing any underwear. Oil was poured around your waist down. You were surprised but let it slip.

Tadashi continued with his massage.

The music and Tadashi's movements made you felt numb. What you didn't know that he was smirking at his plan the whole time. He slowly unzipped his pants and removed them. Using the oil as lube, he lubed up his cock.

Suddenly, his fingers were inside you moving around. "Tadashi?" You asked looking forward to him. He just threw you a sexy smile along with a wink. "Relax, baby" Somehow, his voice for deeper and with the moonlight you could see his muscles flexing as he fingered you.

You moaned at the sensation. You gripped the sheets in pleasure. Tadashi took his dick in hand and started pumping it. The view of you in such a state made him hard as a rock. You felt special knowing that you were the only one that could make him so horny.

The movements of both of his glorious hands we going faster making both of you lose your shit. Groaning and panting, you came form your high. Tadashi flipped you over. Your nipples perked up as the cold air hit them. Tadashi poured more oil over your body sending shivers down your body.

He started massaging your shoulders, going down to your neck. Stopping at your breasts, he gave your perked nipples an experimental tug and your back arched at his touch. "Shit, Tadashi" You breathed out. Tadashi smiled at you and started rolling your nipples.

You were in a bliss of pleasure. Tadashi leaned down and sucked your nipples greedily. Taking his hair between tour fingers, you pulled it up making Tadashi groan at you. "Massage is over. Punishment is next" Tadashi said flipping you in your stomach once more.

With his belt, he tied your hands together. Knowing that you were ready and wet, he easily slipped inside you making you scram out. Tadashi grabbed into your ass as he rode you. His thrusts meeting the beat of the background music made everything more of a pleasurable experience for both of you. You moaned into the pillow wanting more.

"Please, Tadashi. Go faster" You pleaded for more action. "But baby this is punishment" Tadashi growled as he was clearly enjoying himself teasing the fuck out of you. So in need of Tadashi's member to be more inside of you, you tried moving of your hips but it didn't work as he grabbed your hips stopping you from any other movement.

"Oh, you want it so bad?" Tadashi asked you gripping your hips harder that you knew that he should leave bruises. "Yes, please!" Your voice was hoarse from all the moaning and screaming. "Then beg for it!" His hand made contact with your ass cheek several times before you screamed out. "PLEASE, TADASHI! IM BEGGING YOU! FUCK ME HARDER!" That was everything he needed to hear.

Pulling you back with your hair, you were put in all fours. His dick was hitting places that your fingers couldn't, driving you mad. With your mouth widely open and drool seeping out, Tadashi took your boobs in his hands and squeezed them. Minutes later, your orgasm hit you like a brick.

"In or out?" Tadashi whimpered as he was on the brink of cumming. "Inside" With that, he cummed inside you. Your hair was sticking everywhere while your sweat mixed up with the oil. "Thanks for help me relax sigh your magical hands" You said as you laid down with Tadashi.

He smiled at you. "I've been told about my magical hands" He said proudly. "Were they girls?" Your voice got angry at the thought of him you touching another women. "I was kidding. You are the only one I have given a massage to" Tadashi said laughing.

"Make it your last" You mumbled under your breath. He giggled and lifted up your face. Both of you stared at each other in the eyes lovingly, joining in a passionate and long kiss. You couldn't stop yourself before, you grabbed Tadashi's cock into your hands and squeezed it. "Don't tempt me, (Y/N)" He said in a warning tone. "Oh, really?" You said smirking. With that, you went under the covers and had your fun with him.

"While I have magical hands, you have a magical mouth" Tadashi breathed out as his hands were in your head guiding you.


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