Baymax's new feature~ LEMON

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Baymax's new feature~ TadashiXHiroXBaymaxXBusty! Thick! Reader

"Agh, curse my body!" You cursed as your button up shirt kept opening in the breast area. You decided to use a pin to close it and it worked. Once happy how your shirt looked, you moved on into putting your skirt. You groaned as you kept pulling down the skirt as it ride up because of your thighs (This is me, legit! I hate my thighs!) Working as a secretary for Hiro and Tasashi Hamada was fun and free but always wanted to make a good impression. You quickly drove to SFIT. I entered with quick steps. 'I'm not late but I always need to be first before the brothers so I can clean up a little bit before they start working!' You unlocked the doors of their lab and was surprised when you saw the brothers already there.

"Tadashi! Hiro! What are you doing here so early? You guys arrive like at 10 not 7" I said putting down my stuff in a table. They were sitting in front of Baymax wit tools, paper, pencils and coffee surrounding them in the floor. They looked up at me and smiled. "Good that you arrived (Y/N)" Tadashi said standing up. "We wanted to have some fun with Baymax so we came here to do that" Hiro said looking up at me. "What do you mean?" Your eyes looked at Baymax that looked the same not a thing different in him. 

"We worked all night to incorporate our idea and it's awesome. We wanted you to be the first one to try it" Hiro said and I looked at them confused. "I'm not going to get hit again, am I?" I asked as I remembered the first times that Baymax worked and I was the experiment. "KInd of, actually, you're going to love it" Tadashi said with a smirk and I started to get nervous. He never smirks unless it is something bad. "Do you accept to try it out?" Hiro asked. 'Well, this is why I work here so I don't have any other option.' You thought and sighed. "Okay, what's the plan?" You said and looked down to your shirt to see the pin gone and the buttons open revealing your black bra. 

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" You said as you tried to button it again but a pair of hands stopped you. You looked up and saw Tadashi "Hiro, prepare Baymax while I prepare (Y/N)" Tadashi ordered Hiro. "What's going on?" You asked eyeing Tadashi. "You'll see" You gasped as Tadashi ripped open your shirt. buttons flying everywhere. "Tadashi!" You exclaimed trying to cover your chest but he stopped you once again. "No, you agreed to do this. So get undressed to your underwear" Tadashi demanded making you slightly turned one. You quickly slipped out of your skirt and heels. "Done" You heard Hiro said. "Nice, (Y/N) bend over that table and gripped hard into it" Tadashi said pointing at a table. Your eyes were wide but you obeyed. 'This is so weird! Why am I undressed?! The brothers are never like this!' You thought as your hands gripped hard the table border. "Remember this is for the testing" Hiro said behind you. You ere about to ask him what did he mean by that, but was shut up when a hand collided into your butt cheeks. You yelped as you were spanked once come more.

"Hmm, (Y/N). Nice ass you get there" Tadashi whispered while landing another smack to your butt making your body jolt. "That's enough" Hiro said and then you felt that your hands were pulled behind you. You were stood up. "Activate Baymax, (Y/N)" Hiro commanded. "Ow" You whimpered and Baymax activated. He scanned your body for injuries and found that your ass was sore. "Do you want the medical care or the other option?" Baymax said and you were utterly confused.

"What?" You whispered. "We want the other option" Tadashi said with a serious voice. "Please turn over" Baymax said looking at you and Hiro forcefully turned you around making eye contact with him. Your hands were resting in Hiro's shoulders. "What's the other option?" You asked while looking at Tadashi. "You'll see" You jumped when your underwear was removed and you felt like ice was being placed in you butt relieving the pain. You moaned at the sensation. A yelp escaped your mouth as something cold and vibrating was placed in your pussy lips. You looked down and gasped. There was a vibrating dildo coming out from Baymax. "What is this?" You moaned louder as the vibrating got more intense. "The new feature made just for you, (Y/N)" Hiro said and Tadashi nodded along. 

"Wha-?" You were cut off when you felt the dildo entered your Ass. You moaned loudly jolting up landing on Hiro's chest. You felt Baymax's gloppy hands on your waist sending cold shivers. The dildo started vibrating inside you making you moan louder.

"St-top" You moaned out closing your eyes. "Really?" Your body seems to be enjoying this and you hated it. Between all the pleasure, you heard a zipper. You lazily opened your eyes and saw that Hiro was lubricating his cock while looking at you hungrily.

"Let's have some fun, shall we?" Hiro muttered and with that he entered you in one hard thrust. You screamed out as both pounded into your holes. Your boobs were bouncing up and down.

"I'm cumming!" Hiro shouted as his thrust were slow but hard. Your eyes looked at the older brother. He was leaning back on a desk with dick in hand pumping it up and down. His eyes fixated on you as his invention and his little brother fucked the brains out of you. You moaned as you felt Hiro filled you up with his seed.

You were panting and sweating. "Brother, come. Fill (Y/N) like you wished" Hiro said pulling out of you. His semen oozing out of you but it what stopped with Tadashi's dick. "Tadashi!" You moaned out. He was bigger than Hiro. Your pants got louder when Tadashi hit your sweet spot. Your moans drove him mad until his breaking point where he cummed inside you hard.

He pulled out of you and both of the brothers admired their masterpiece. You swearing and panting. Baymax pulled out of you and you fell into Tadashi's arms. You had passed out from all the action. Baymax cleaned hundred and retracted to his original form. 

The boys dressed you up and took you to their house to continue the fun. In the way they hear you whisper. "I like Baymax's new feature".

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