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After that little lived moment of his he took my hand and we went towards the dining hall to get our breakfast but this feeling is always there in my mind that whenever he touches me I feel special. Like I am a piece of a glass and will shatter easily if a little bit of pressure is applied. He held me this carefully.

He makes me feel special.

But I don't know why. I should hate him because he is the one and only cause of my destruction but still I can't hate him even though I know that I do not like him either but still what is this feeling that Everytime I get when we are together. Avoiding this topic I focused on my current task which is eating.

Since I haven't eating for quite a time so I am feeling really hungry that is the reason I filled my plate with a lot of food. I only used one plate so the food piled up making a small tower.

When Xander eyes landed on my plate his eyes widened for a second and he looked at me. Amusement swirling on those black orbs. Last night I complimented William's eyes but now getting a closer look on Xavier eyes they seem more beautiful. Both of their eyes has their own charm.

Like how William's eyes are warm and welcoming while Xander eyes are mysterious and beautiful. Xander  chuckled looking again at my plate full of food and gave me an amused look while just in return I frowned.

What is that funny, I am just hungry.

We continued to eat our food in silence until I broke it.

"I know that you are not going to give me any clue about my father and my kingdom so I am dropping that topic for now but their is another thing that I want to ask" I said giving extra stress on now.

His facial expression showed a little relief probably about the fact that I am not going to argue with him regarding my father.

He sighed and looked at me with a gentle smile encouraging me to speak my mind further and I did.

"Now that I am here I just want to know that what I am going to do here, in this castle. I don't know anyone here except you and William" I questioned. I didn't ask him why I am here because I know that he won't answer that question so I choose to ask a reasonable question.

But suddenly his pitch black eyes darkened more if that is even possible and his jaw clenched.

Why is he angry? This time I just asked a simple question.

"How do you know about William?" He questioned still glaring at me. I hesitated for a moment I didn't saw that question coming.

So this is why he is angry?

"I...um...he was the one who brought me here so I got to know his name it's just that" I answered slipping last night event for protective measures. Who know what he would do. I just can't get what is happening in that man's head. But me knowing William is not a big problem or is it?

He visibly relaxed and gave me a sweet smile.

How can someone change moods so quickly. I wondered​.

"Sorry I didn't thought about that , what you will do in here. You can go for a walk in the garden and I will also ask some one to give you a tour of this castle or..um..um... You can also go to the library. I know you love books that will be a great place for you" He said all of this nervously like he is afraid that I will not like any of these ideas and honestly he also looked a little scared. Just a little.

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