Chapter 1 Great.......just great......

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I was packing all my belongs when my mom walked in.

"Are you almost ready love?"

I grabbed the picture of me, my mom and dad  when I was 5 years old.

"Yeah."I whispered.

I didn't look up to see my mom, didn't have the guts to tell her that she was making a big mistake on moving out, I mean why can't her new boyfriend just move in with us but no, no, he offered his house.My mom was still standing there, waiting for my respond.I just examined one last time of my used to be room.I felt my mom's hand on my shoulders.

"I'm really sorry love, I-" 

"No mom, it's okay, you needed to move on I mean your still young.And dad would really want you to move on even if he already moved on with a different women." I said as I cut her off.

My mom half smiled, "Your right." she said and then she took a deep breath, "ready?"

I grabbed my belongs and smiled.My mom helped me with part of my stuff and gave me a kiss in the head. We started walking down the stairs as I remember all the memories i've had in this house where I grew up. Well, I still need to grow more because I am only 16 turning 17 this year and finishing high school soon but heading to college soon and most of all , work. 


We arrived my mom's boyfriend's house and I was surprised, very surprised. 

"This is whe-" I sutured

"Yes, here is where we are going to live from now on." said my mother smiling at me.

I couldn't even blink. This was crazy.The house was enormous. Enormous than our own house, I mean I was expecting something else I said before, this is crazy.A man open the door and smiled towards us. I waved and half smiled. 

"Angela!" said the man as he pulled my mom into a big hug and spun her around. I just stayed there with my eyes open. Okay? 

"Robert, I would like you to meet my daughter Katherine."

"Kate mom." I corrected

The man smiled and stretched his hand to shake mine. "Nice, to meet you Kate,your mom talks a lot about how your graduating soon."

"Oh, really?" I said scratching my head.

"Yeah, I think you and Drew will be great friends/siblings." smiled the man. Wait...........he has a son? 

"Oh here he comes, I'll go tell Alfred to open the gate." I walked right next to my mother. 

"Why didn't you tell me he had a son my age mom!" I whispered

"I was going to tell you but I- " 

"Angela, Kate, this is Drew, my son." interrupted Robert. Drew and I locked our gaze together.This couldn't be happening! He quickly looked at my mom and  pulled her to a hug," Hello Angela, nice to meet you." said Drew.

"Oh, it's a pleasure meeting you as well." laughed my mom. Yeah a pleasure for me too. 

"Nice to meet you as well Kate." said Drew as he knelled his head down to give me a kiss in the hand. Okay, he is insane! Kate, calm down, do this for your mother,  now smile and say what you are going to say before everyone thinks that your nervous.

"Nice to meet you Drew." I shocked.It was silent for a moment and then finally Robert spoke.

"Well Drew, don't you want to show Kate around so she won't get lost."

"Lost?" I question.

"Ladies first." said Andrew as he signal me. I smiled, " see you guys later."

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