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S O M E T H I N G.


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GEORGIA SKYROCKETED through the air, screaming in terror. Far below she saw city lights glimmering in the early morning, and several hundred yards away the body of the bronze dragon spinning out of control, its wings limp, fire flickering in its mouth like his electrician had done a faulty job in the wiring process.

She heard screams from above her, they sounded too low pitched to be Piper, but high pitched enough that they couldn't have belonged to Jason. That meant Leo was above her, screaming to his hearts content.

She tried to call to him, but it was hard to get your voice to travel upwards when you were barreling downward at at least 100 miles an hour.

Somewhere above her, she heard someone that sounded like Jason, yell. If it was to her, she didn't know.

She heard an explosion a couple hundred feet below her. A fireball rolled into the sky from behind a warehouse complex, and she instantly knew that Festus was somewhere down there.

She watched at the clouds started to get thinner, and she knew she was about to become a splatter on concrete.

"Oh, my gods!" She cried, "Oh, gods!" She grasped at whatever remaining clouds there were, but everything just passed through her fingers. She cried out.

"Georgia!" She heard from right above her. "I'm right here, okay? Spread out your arm and legs!"

It was hard to control her fear, but she did what he said and regained some balance. She fell spread-eagle like a skydiver, the wind underneath her like a solid block of ice. It only worked for a few seconds though, because it was harder than she realized to keep your body straight when there was more weight on one side, and she started tipping, and she began to spin.

She cursed, struggling to regain balance, and she imagined she looked like Bambi on ice, and then Jason was there, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I got you." He whispered, and it was the first time Georgia actually welcome his presence.

Their fall slowed as Jason controlled the winds, but they still lurched up and down like the winds didn't want to cooperate.

Jason's face reddened with strain as he tried to maintain an air cushion beneath them, but intermittent slow-downs were the best he could manage. Rather than free-falling, it felt like they were bouncing down a giant staircase, a hundred feet at a time, and every time they lurched, Georgia felt like her brain was slapping against her head.

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