Getting My Once Upon a Time

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A beautiful lady woke up early in this morning as she used to. She opened her bedroom window, and smell the morning dew.

"Ah, how lovely..." she smiled and glanced to the sky. There were just some clouds. She hoped that there would be birds flying cheerfully. Oh, she even was hopefully of singing birds came to her to dance with.

Since there were no birds fulfilled her hopes, she got her smartphone and play a classical music one. She jumped into her bed and take a pillow. Her pillow became her dance company every morning.

"Hmmm....La..laaalaa..." she humed while danced. After ten minutes has passed, she went to prepared herself to go to college.

Lady Verona Madallene, a 22 years old woman, is a final semester student of a reputable university. Her friends usually call her Lona. She is quite populaire because of her pretty face, sweet voice and innocent image. Many men had been trying to get her heart but she just could not accept it. She had been never being in love with someone who make a move on her first. She lost her curiosity about their feeling for making some approach to her. But, she never make a move to the man first. She thinks that it is too flirty if a girl make a move first. It was more peculiar that she always fall in love with someone who far from her. She never know many things about those man she had liked. She get panicked when her crush just passed by her and sometimes made her doing the unexpected things. Therefore, she keep herself far from the man she liked and enjoy the curiousity. Those all the times she makes her crush thinks that her beauty face were trashes with her weird acts.

"Okay, I will go. Byee..." Lona waved her hand to her family before went to college. On her way, she prayed that this day will be greater than yesterday. Sometimes she said hello to the little creatures she met on the way.

Lona immediately looked back to know whose voice calling her name. She gives her sweet smile then.

"Art thou ready, Madamoiselle?" asked Mischellina endeavoring to immitate some classic english literature style.

"O, wherefore not, Milady" Lona replied with the same style as Michellina do.

"Oh, how I hope that this minithesis ended here . They should require us for only 3 chapters, not 5, consisted of opening, closing and suggestion. I am really tired of college life."

"You will miss these glory days someday, Milady"

"HA! Impossible. Never. Even in my dream, Madamoiselle. I had rather longed to my work office hour day altough i have not work in the office yet."

"Hmmm....easily believable" said Lona sceptically.

"Oh come on. We do these and those college asignments, still paying the tuitution fee. But, if we do the work assignment, we will be paid. When I graduated and already have a job, I will be bussy missing my salary day. I have no time to miss these ewwhh days. "

"Oh, peace, Milady. Peace..." Lona chuckled. She thought that Michellina is so cute. For her, Mischellina is a cute and humble bestfriend. She believe that all this "Milady" said recently was lie. Mischellina said like she hate college life and need money that much when she actually came from the prosperous family and always get the good score. Mischellina is a frendly person with a vicious look. Obviously, it caused by her sharp jaw.

"Seems like your phone is ringing" Michellina told to Lona. Lona who heard nothing was immediately grab her phone from her backpack.

"Nice ears" Lona carressed the right ear of Michellina and make her act like a kitten who wants the caress keep continued.

Lona checked her phone and found there were 5 new chats from Perth. He gave her some support for her minithesis revision. He also informed that he was in library and ask her to work on the minithesis together.

"It is really really strange...a man like him, oh i mean a boy like him had prepared himself in the library this morning. He betrayed me, I have thought that he was my partner in laziness! And now, he is trying to ask my friend to study together. Only her. Included me not"

"Oh, I would you to join too" said Lona.

"Ah, there, mmhh.. I was joking. you know that I should not. He will be mad at me for being a mosquito between you two."

"Why must you be a mosquito?"
"Oh not pretend that you have no idea of what i mean"
"I get it. I seems nealry too a cockroach than a mosquito" said Lona, make a fun of Michellina.

" innocent Madamoiselle! Who teach you saying that rude line?"


"Emhh...okay. You know, being a cockroach is not bad at all. At least, I can do something for fun by frightening people at bathroom. And also, peeping a hot guy. Heheheehe" Michellina chuckled


"Anyway, I am jealous at you"said Michellina

"Although you are single, but you have many boys that take care of you. Me? Taken but 'forever alone' feels like". And this happened since 3 months ago. Should I break up with Joe?"

"Where did you get that idea? Forget it! You know how much precious you are to him. He is just busy now. That is it. Just wait for him. And...I also do not think that there are some boys taking care of me"

"How much busy is he? I hate him. There you do not count Perth's message as an attention for you?"

Lona shook her head, "No. I think that is normal because our minithesis advisor is Mr. Godfrey. You know, Mr. Godfrey this semester only hold two student, Perth and I, as his advisee. He often asks us to be on the same advising time schedule, so he could cut off his advising time. That make us contact each other to prepare the right schedule for advising time"

"How about the other boys?"

"Who?"asked Lona

"Hold on, I got the message too...HAHA" said Michellina, checking her smartphone which was ringing. She tapped the "view" botton to see the new message. It was Mrs Beautrice, the college instructor who became Michelline's minithesis advisor.

Good Morning, Ms. Royale. I am sorry that I have to cancel our meeting for some reasons. Please just go on to the next chapter, It's okay. Thanks.

"Oh, God.....Why?" Michellina sniffed. Lona moved her head to see what was on Michellina's phone.

"Hmmm...I should not comment anything."

"Oh, no! All she did is wasting my beautiful morning...I should be still on my bed at this hour!"

"So, what is your next plan? Go home?"

"No. It will be better if i go to the library doing this minithesis. Then, i can lazily ever after at home."

" Oh, okay. See you at the library then, Milady"

" See you,Madamoiselle"

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