Leonis, 1:1, 2:8 - Re-Invasion - Part Four Days

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Four days ago...Two weeks, three days later.

Once again, Parker stood under the light before the Supreme Court.

"Mr. Parker Raymond, please rise. The Supreme Court has joyfully decided to declare you a citizen of the Earth in full standing. You will be provided all benefits and care afforded to all other Earth citizens. You can discuss your job assignment to the Paleo-Human History department with Miami 1651. It appears she has an open slot there you are more than qualified to fill."

"Thank you, your honor." Parker said choking back a laugh. "Any luck with my other issue?"

"Regarding the matter of your device, Mr. Raymond, the one you refer to as the Horologium, we have concluded it to be from some Multiverse, as you call them, with different quantum rules and laws unlike any of the ones you have informed us you have been to." The Convenusian turned the Horo over in her hand to look it over as she spoke. She pointed a slender finger at some unseen point on its surface. "Barring a few odd, somewhat familiar, post-manufactured enhancements, the unique materials used in creating this particular device, the intricate mechanisms, as well as the power apparatus indicate an intelligence and reality far beyond our ability to comprehend. In essence, we have no decipherable way to understand it, much less create any way to send you home."

Parker lowered his head and sighed. "Back to square one, then. Fine, I'll just hang on to Horo for the time being and..."

"No, Mr. Raymond. That will no longer be a possibility."

"Excuse me? Horo's mine!"

The leader of the Supreme Court held the device in front of her face. "We are truly sorry, Mr. Raymond, but a device like this is too dangerous to be allowed out in our peaceful society. And now that you know the Multiverse address of our existence, what would stop any other advanced species...and as you have indicated, ones that most certainly do exist, beings from violence-inclined Multiverses from using your device to enter ours and destroy us or take us captive?" The woman shook her head. "It is an unfathomable thought for us to permit you to keep this Horologium device."

Parker raised a hand in protest only to be silenced by the loud rumble of an explosion from somewhere outside.

"What the hell!?!!"

Confusion quickly set in as a second even closer and louder boom followed the first. The twelve frightened members of the Supreme Court rose from their seats and stumbled for the exits.

This was Parker's chance. He ran for the bench, snatched Horo from its surface, and made a beeline for an opposite open door.

The stark gray walls of a tunnel stretched before him. The corridor lights flickered. Dust escaped from hairline cracks forming in its ceiling as more explosions rocked the building from overhead. 

"It's like a war up there!" Parker thought. At the far end of the tunnel, he could see several Convenusian men and women in formal attire running toward him. They were covered in a fine white powder. It reminded him of September 11th.

One of the women froze in their tracks as they spotted him and screamed. "Martian!"

"No! I'm not a Martian! The Supreme Court said I'm an orig..."

Parker fell back as the tunnel collapsed on the people. Screams, smoke, and dust filled the air. "Oh, no!" Parker scrambled to his feet and began to run the other way when he noticed a red stairway exit sign indicating he should take this tunnel. He clutched his fists tight and looked both directions trying to decide which way to run.

"Just run, Parker."

Parker darted to the left and down the concrete corridor following the exit signs, running as fast as he could. Behind him another explosion brought the ceiling crashing down.

"Good decision."

As he threw open the heavy metallic hatch with a squeal and a bang, one out-of-breath Parker witnessed low-flying saucers hovering over the city. It was almost as if someone was filming a real life vintage B-movie over Washington, D.C. Beams of energy were pouring from openings in the bottoms of the ships' hulls and vaporizing anything in their paths. No doubt, this was an invasion.

"Miami! I have to get to Miami!" Any other time, that sentence would have probably brought a chuckle...but not this time. Parker briefly thought of Kate.

"Martian!" came the cries of several Convenusians. "They're here on the ground, now! Run! Save yourselves!"

Parker chose to save his breath. He knew they would not believe anything he said.

A shadow crept over Parker and blotted out the sun as one of the saucers loomed overhead. Parker could see a ball of energy forming inside of a massive round hole in its underside. The mass of fire churned and shimmered like a small sun. Parker knew any second it was going to rain downward and he did not want to be anywhere near the thing when it went off.

Rounding a corner, Parker noted a two-wheeled mover similar to a motorcycle. He straddled the machine and grabbed the handlebars' grips. "Welcome, citizen...Parker Raymond One," said a sweetly accented, electronic voice. "I am assigned to Ontario 4313. Please return me to him when your trip is completed. Have a nice day."

Raymond shrugged and activated the machine's motor.

"Move!" Parker yelled as he weaved in and out of the congested traffic

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"Move!" Parker yelled as he weaved in and out of the congested traffic. Confused and injured pedestrians were everywhere. The young man drove through intersection after intersection of collided movers with nowhere to go. Smoldering buildings and smoking craters surrounded him. The mayhem was awful and he wanted to help the frightened and injured Convenusians, but Parker knew that they would not trust him. Parker understood if he wanted to help anyone he first needed to find Miami and make sure she was all right. Something he was going to do regardless.

As Parker slid to a stop in front of Miami's apartment building, he realized the saucers were only attacking the core of the city. Relief washed over him as he raced up the stairs to find the Convenusian woman sleeping soundly in bed with her headphones on. He fell to his knees beside where she lay and buried his face in the bed covers.

Fingers ran through his hair and he lifted his head.

Miami's large eyes were staring back at him. "What's wrong?"

"Turn on the news, Miami. The city is under attack..."


With the same lack of warning as when they arrived, the saucers ceased their assault and lifted away from the surface of the planet, returning to space.

"Why do you think they left, Parker?" Miami asked, sitting cross-legged in the bed. She stared at the moving images of the attacks splashed over the surface of the videoscreen in horror.

"It was a test, I bet."


"Those Martians or whoever they were, they were trying to determine what defenses, if any, your people may have, which is apparently...none. I guarantee it, they'll be back."

"Then we have to tell the Supreme Court," Miami said.

"Yeah, if any of them are still alive."

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