Travis' List

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                                                           Things I love about Avery

                                                               She’s smart as hell.

                                                                She’s fun to annoy.

                                                                  She’s very cute.

                                              She helps anyone – exactly like an angel.

                                                           She’s easy to persuade.

                                                                     She’s funny.

                                              She can be adorable when she’s angry.

                                                                  I like kissing her.

                              I never met a seventeen year-old who doesn’t climb trees.

                                                             She has panic attacks.

                                                                 Her blush is nice.

                                                    She can be a good kisser. Can be.

                                                          I dreamt about her. Weird.

                                                                   She’s different.

                                                             Her scowl is adorable.

                                                                   I like her laugh.

                                                                    I like her hair.

                                                                   I like her scent.

                                                                   I like her smile.

                                                           I like her mood swings.

                                                                  I like her voice.

                                                         I think I’m in love with her.

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