Chapter 1

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Laina stood at the doors, waiting for the to open, and ready to run. She knew exactly where wasn't mapped and claimed it before they went out.

The doors opened and she ran in, taking a left and going from there. She was only going in for a few minutes because they didn't run on that day than they did any other day.

She went straight then took a right, bumping into someone and falling backwards.

"Watch where your..." Laina looked up, seeing a blonde girl sitting across from her, staring at her in fear. "Going?"

The blonde automatically reached for the sharp knife that flew out of Laina's pack.

"Where am I? Who are you? Why don't I remember anything?" She said, holding the knife within cutting distance of Laina.

"You shouldn't be in here." Laina looked down. "What do you remember?"

"I remember waking up on the cold ground then ran away from this... alien thing, and then I bumped into you." She explained. Laina nodded..

"Your in the maze. I'm Laina." She held out her hand, waiting for the confused blonde to shake it. Finally she took it, shaking it quickly. "I need to get you to the others, just don't be too confused." 

Laina took her hand, jogging quickly to the doors of the maze. In the Glade, Alby was talking to Thomas.

"We had a lot of dark days. We lost a lot of boys to fear. To panic." Alby looked down. "We've come far since then. Established order... made peace.

"Why are you telling me this?" Thomas asked, confused on why the leader woke him up before the other boys.

"Because you and Laina, your not like the others. You're curious. But your one of us now. You need to know what that means." Alby said, handing over the knife he brought along.

Thomas looked at the wall that had names on it. All inscribed on the wall, half of them crossed out. The one name that caught his attention, was George, which had several lines throught it. "What happened to them?" He asked, pointing to the crossed out names.

"Like I said... dark days, Thomas." Thomas nodded, and went back to the wall, finding a space near Laina's name and hesitating a moment before carving his name in it.

Laina ran through the doors, the blonde girl on her trail."Welcome to the Glade, Greenie."

Alby caught sight of her, making her scrunch her face up.  Shit, she thought, turning around to meet Alby.

"Really, Laina, I thought I told you not to go out." She looked around.

"You did, I just didn't listen." She said. "And be glad I did, or else this one would be still be wandering around the maze."

Alby looked over to where Laina was pointing at, seeing the blonde. She gave a small wave.

"How did she get in the maze?" Laina shrugged. "I'm going to get her settled and tell the boys when they wake, but until then, you need to watch her, you found her, she's your responsibility."

Laina gave a mock salute, and Alby rolled his eyes. He walked over to the Greenie, asking her name and she repeated the same thing she said to Laina.

Laina stayed still walking over to the tree she stayed at, pulling down her hair and brushing it. She played with it for a moment, not knowing anything else before putting it back in her normal ponytail.

She watched as one by one all the boys woke up, immediately doing their jobs. Laina looked over at the woods, feeling eyes on her as she stood up.  She shook it off, taking it for paranoia, but walked over to it anyway.

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