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Thomas opened his eyes, seeing only the darkness that surrounded him. He rolled over onto his side, coughing up water. "Hello?" He said, realizing he was being lifted into a box.

Thomas was finally was able to see as his eyes adjusted and light poured in. He used as much strength as he could, trying to get up. Finally succeeding, did he hear a squeal. He stumbled over to a crate, pulling back the shee that covered it.

Thomas jumped back, startled that there was a wild animal in the crate with him. He jumped up, crawling onto a barrel and started to bang on the top of it.

"Hey! Hey! Help me!" He screamed, now hearing how hoarse his voice was. He stopped when he noticed a red opening, falling slightly when it came to a halt.

He stayed on the ground, curious to see what would happen. He looked around scared when the white light that surrounded him turned red, then green, before going out completely. Thomas, who was still stuck in the box, was oblivious about what was happening up top.

Everyone gathered around the box, ready for the new greenie. Everyone except Laina, who could care less about who it was and only wanted to find a way out. The only thing she went back to when a greenie was here was when they ran like hell.

Laina had been unconcious when she arrived, but when she had woke up in a strange bed, ran like hell, right through the large open doors. Not knowing what was in there, ran, taking twists and turns, never stopping to let anyone catch up.

Minoh was the only who got her though, grabbing her by the waist and throwing her over his shoulder. He ran back through the maze doors, which were closing. He got through, Laina was scared but listened to what they had to say, even though some of it was punishment for leaving without being a runner and was sentenced for a night no food in the pit, and she would return as a runner the next day.

Laina was brought back to reality when she saw a boy take off running, going through everything and heading towards the maze. Laina took off after him, although not a runner anymore, still was able to know the paths.

She saw him trip, about to fall on his face, but Laina speed up, catching him before he hit the ground. She set him down, but he jumped up, looking at the doors. He looked at her then turning around, looking at the group of boys.

"Are you the only girl?" He asked, trying to catch his breath. Laina looked at him and nodded once. "You don't speak much do you?"

"Trust me Greenie, you won't get much out of her." Alby said, grabbing his shoulder. He looked at her, giving her a nod of appreciation.

Gally came up beside him, dragging him towards the pit, the place she spent my first night. She followed, rolling her eyes.

Gally threw him in, walking off, knowing that Newt and Chuck was going to lock him in. The two left, leaving Laina and Thomas, who still didn't know his name, alone.

Laina crouched down infront of the pit, scaring Thomas. "Hey-" She started, getting his attention. "Hey there, Green Bean. You're not gonna run again, okay?"

Thomas shook his head, still curious about the only girl in the viliage of boys.

"Good. My name is Laina." She looked at him, confused as to why he looked at her so curiously. "Can you tell me anything about yourself? WHo you are? Where you came from? Anything at all."

"No." He said, shaking his head.

"Can you tell me your name?" she asked, curious about the boy herself considering she felt like she knew him. Thomas essed with his hands, looking sown then back up meeting my eyes.

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