Chapter 2: Conflicting Feelings

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P.S. This is how the curriculum in the Archenemies school goes: There is a section assigned to a particular number of students. For example is U1A with 32 students. All the students in U1A are assigned to a particular classroom where they spend most of their hours in school except for PE, Computer and Science classes (for laboratory exercises). All those students share the same section, same classes, same rooms and same teachers. But they have high school (four years), junior high school and senior high school. Princess is just in junior high school.


It's not a big deal. So what if he returned my wallet yesterday? So what if there was a small thank you note conveniently placed inside it? That shouldn't change the fact that he hurt me for several years. All those times of torture and self-esteem issues shouldn't be erased by just a sweet gesture like that.

We still hate each other right? It's what we do and I'd be very happy if that doesn't change.

 I am already on the bus when I find myself staring out the window. This should be just like any other school day but I feel extra nervous this Monday. I still couldn't get Vince out of my mind. I keep on trying to figure out his real intentions and his future actions but I never come up with any sensible idea. It almost looks like he really wants to be friends with me and Andy. 

If it is some trick of his to get me to like him, then I might be in a bigger trouble than I expected.

"You. Take care." 

I get off the bus and hear the giggles and laughter of my fellow students. High school is still its wild and crazy self with some students trying to grow up and others holding on to what's left of their childhood. They say that this is one of the most dangerous and exciting places in the world. I almost agree with the "dangerous" part of the statement when I barely make it to my locker in one piece. 

Once I got there, the crowd is already clearing. Only a few students choose to hang out in the corridor while most retreated to their classrooms. A lot of the kids that stayed are those that I really don't know which I am thankful for. That means that no one would be bothering my morning. I would almost sigh in relief when I meet the most unexpected person to stand by my locker.

"What is it this time? Frogs again or something worse? Perhaps you broke it so that I couldn't open it?" I interrogate Vince who seems to be having a really nice day. 

He laughs at my statement and places his hands inside his pockets. "Is that how you say good morning?" He flashes a sweet smile, something that I didn't think he was capable of.

"I would never think of say--" I utter before he rudely cuts me off.

"Relax. I didn't do anything to your locker." Vince tries to calm me down. He should've known better than to do that. After so many years, he should've realized that I was never calm around him and that it was his fault.

"Then what are you doing here?" I stare at him curiously. I could almost smell another prank coming up.

"Nothing. I just wanted to see you." Vince sheepishly admits. 

I should just roll my eyes and laugh at him but I don't. Instead, I find my mouth open and my eyes wide in shock. He really didn't say those words, did he? For a moment there, we are both too embarrassed to speak.

"I have to go." I turn around suppressing a smile. 

"It's nice to see you again!" I hear Vince's voice echo the halls as the smile finally surfaces. It feels so strange but in a good way.


After several boring classes, I am finally in English. This is my favorite subject! I could read, write and express. Fortunately, today's lesson would be all about writing an essay. That is one of activities that I have been looking forward too. Besides, I am feeling extra inspired because of the fact that Vince isn't a jerk anymore.

I grab my paper and pen and began writing.

The simple things are the sweetest gestures. A morning greeting, a thank you or a sweet smile can brighten up anyone's day. It's those ordinary moments that we treasure. But there is something ever sweeter and more beautiful than those. It is a moment of forgiveness and reconciliation. When an enemy makes an effort to become a friend, you will be too surprised the you will not be able to hide a smile.

I just can't believe that this is happening! Vince is actually being alright for once. His voice keeps replaying inside my head. "Nothing. I just wanted to see you." "Take care." "It's nice to see you again." "Are you alright?"

Suddenly, Vince passes a note and I excitedly open it, hoping to find another kind message. Instead, I find an exaggerated drawing of our English teacher in her ugliest pose. What kind of joke is this? 

Unfortunately, the teacher catches me with the note and thinks that I drew the horrible portrait. I could hear laughter erupt from behind the classroom. I see Vince and five other boys laughing at my punishment.

I glare at Vince before I am sent outside to stand for the rest of the period. Also, my beautiful essay is torn apart and graded zero.

This is what you get from getting ahead of yourself. You should've just stuck to the idea that he was planning something against you.

Shut up, conscience. I know.


Optional: Here's the real life tidbit again. :) 

English really is my favorite subject! :)

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