Atlantica: 12 Years Later

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Harmony's POV

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Harmony's POV

I hum gently as I swim through the kelp forest to the old jazz club. If Grandfather knew I was outside Atlantica without guards. He'd have a fit. "Harmony, wait!" a voice calls and I turn to see Flounder along with his children.

"Hey Flounder, do you guys what to come with me to the catfish club?" I ask him.

"Where's your guard?" Flounder asks as his children cheer wanting to go to the club.

"Since I'm not a baby anymore I don't need a babysitter and you can tell that to my grandfather" I tell him.

"Come on Harmony, you'll always be my daughters baby" grandfather states as he appears.

"Hey grandfather, what brings you to this fine kelp forest on this beautiful day?" I ask him innocently. I notice my two bodyguards behind him. "Hey Buck and Kent, there you are I thought you'd gotten lost" I tell them.

"Don't pretend to be innocent, I know you left them again" Grandfather tells me.

"It was worth a shot" I mumble bowing my head. I noticed that Flounder and his children had left. Buck and Kent flanked me as grandfather said "lets go home". We swim back to Atlantica and my guard didn't leave before we reached the throne room.

"So let me guess, the catfish club?" grandfather asks after sitting down on his throne. Did I forget to mention he is King Triton ruler of the seven seas? Will he is, which makes me, my aunts, my mum and sister a princess of the seven seas.

"I was just trying to have some fun" I tell him.

"You are so much like your mother" he grumbles and I smile. "I have a surprise for you" he states and I look up curious. "It'll be yours and Melody's twelfth birthday in a few days. I think it's time you saw your family again, but only for the night" he explains.

"Really? Oh thank you so much grandfather" I say hugging him.

"Of course Buck and Kent will escort you to land" he adds making me groan. "Once you step on land your tail will become legs and you'll have a dress on" he explains. "You leave in two days, but only if you stay in Atlantica until then" he states.

"I will, I promise" I assure him smiling. "Can I go play with Flounder and his kids now?" I ask. Grandfather nods his head and I kiss him on the cheek before leaving. Buck and Kent reappear following me. But I was in to much of a good mood to care.

"Flounder, guess what?" I state as I reach him and his kids.

"What is it Harmony?" he asks.

"I'm going to see my family again!" I cheer and his kids swim around me. "It's only for a night though and only  if I stay in Atlantica until then. I can't wait" I explain.

"Will you play kick the clam with us?" one of the guppies ask me.

"Of course I will" I state and we all start to play together. Under the watchful eye of my guards and Flounder. As it gets dark we return to the palace where my aunts appear. They take me to my room where they had prepared my bed. Aunt Attina started to brush my hair as the others hum a lullaby.

When they finished I swim lazily to my bed and curl up on it closing my eyes. Aunt Aquata placed my blanket over me as I say "night aunt Attina, auntAquata, auntAdella, auntAlana, auntArista and aunt Adrina".

"Good night Harmony" they say together before leaving. I drift off into a peaceful sleep hugging my teddy bear. I dreamt of what it'd be like if I lived with my family on land instead of in the sea.


Picture above of Atlantica and picture on the external link of Flounder with his kids. Picture in chapter of Harmony. Video above the lullaby sung.

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