Hell's Grim Tyrant

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The smell of strong coffee drifted into my nose, my muscles ached and my head was spinning, slowly I managed to open my eyes. Looked like I was in a warehouse, the windows where spray painted black, and there was also a strong scent of lavender coming from somewhere. I slowly sat up on the cot I was laying on. My arms where bandaged and already could see the blood trying to seep out.  

I stifled a yawn and took in my surroundings. People were everywhere, from small kids to teenagers to mothers and fathers. All dirty and pale with baggy clothing, like they've been here for a long period of time.  

I got up stretched and yawned some more, than I spotted her coming towards me, a girl dressed like the freaking tomb raider, she was wearing long black legging ripped to hell, with buckles and hoists on the sides of her legs to hold her guns and knives. Her shirt was just a simple black tank top, with a rope of bullets crossed over her shoulder for her gun, her pure black hair feel loosely over her shoulders.

"Well I say you made it through the fall, one hell of a son of a bitch you are I must say"  

she smiled and laughed a bit

"Uhh... yeah, listen can you tell me where I am?"

"You're in the far north by BC, plenty of woods...and those things"

Her voice went distorted at the last part.

The last part struck a chord in me, a flashback of that girl with the ragged teeth and voice, I shuttered

"What are those thing anyways" my voice low  

She studied me for a quick second, before an alarm went off over our heads.

"Come with me and you'll see"  

she took off to a run towards a ladder against the far end of the warehouse that went up to a balcony that went outside, I followed her with ease and curiosity. 

"These things just came out out of know where, without a reason or even a warning... it was horrible."  

she said as she climbed the ladder.

"One day someone's sick, convulsing and having seizers, everyone thinks she's possessed by the devil"  

she continues with her story as she reached the top, she leans against the railing outside and lights a smoke.

"everyone panics, and no one knows what's the matter, and then one night the chick goes mad, kills the Priest that was taking care of her in the church and whole herd of virgin nuns!"  

she laughed and took a drag of her smoke and continued

"She was all wicked and shit and talked in tongues, and no one could understand a fucking word the bastard was saying, and those who she bit turned into what she was... now it's just a matter of live or die. DON'T get bit don't get scratched and don't come in contact with them"  

A sickening feeling reached my stomach...she said no one could understand them but I did.

I reached the top of the ladder and joined her on the balcony that over looked a forest of trees and mountains the sky was dark and filled with millions of twinkling stars. The Ware house was on a hill, I could see why they'd pick this spot. Holding on the railing I watched in shock as about 500 of the creatures... those demonic zombies where coming towards the ware house. All in different sizes and different deformities, I spotted one girl close to the Warehouse she was maybe 5 a horrible screaming was coming out of her mouth, her voice was raspy and dry. Her lips where split on the side in a sneering smile, her teeth where jagged and bloody.

"you son of a bitches, were going to eat you...were going to rip you apart limb by limb"  

suddenly the girl sniffed the air and made eye contact with and sneered my way. Her deranged voice rain in my head

" you can hear us?... well of course you can hear us or you wouldn't be cringing each time I spoke...tell me child how can you hear us...only demons can hear us...unless.."  

her dead voice ran out of my head as I watched in shear panic as someone blew off the top of the girls head, skull and brain fragment rained down like bloody hail.  

she was laughing hysterically until she feel and hit the ground with a loud thud.

I looked away and shut my eyes

" by the way I'm Alice and welcome to hell baby"  

Alice shouted over the gun shots and explosions as the whole warehouse shot and killed the creatures..the worst part of it was that I could hear their pleas and screams.

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