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I sit patiently on the window seat and watch Clarke as she reads her book. I could watch her for hours, and I guess I do.

The way she twirls her hair in between her fingers, or how she grips the book tighter when it gets to an exiting part. When after hours of filling her mind, her eyelids slowly flutter closed and her head lolls back, entering a dream world I only wish I could be apart of.

But what I wish for more than anything, is that I could be apart of her world. You see, Clarke has no idea I exist. I watch over her every day, making sure she is safe and happy but she doesn't even know it. She can't know, at least not yet. One day, I will reveal myself to her but this is not that day. And everyday I die on the inside knowing that this girl I love with all my heart doesn't know I love her. That an angel loves her.

In heaven we are assigned souls to guard. And when that happens we are to guard that person from harm, some call us guardian angels. When the person you were guarding's time comes to die, you get a new soul to watch. That happened to me seventeen years ago. My previous one had just passed, which didn't faze me to much, all of the souls I have guarded were all hateful and conceited jerks.

When I received my next assignment I was surprised to find it was the sweetest little girl. Minutes after her being born I flew down and went into the hospital room to view her for the first time. She was adorable to say the least. She had jet black hair and the tiniest fingers. At that moment I knew this girl would be different from all the rest. You could see the kindness in her beautiful green eyes.

And I knew right then, that I would never let anything harm my little girl.

(A/N) I am so hyped about this book! I hope you like it, I plan on updating regularly.

Jo 🥀

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