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                                                                              {The What If Part}

The moments that happened earlier kept replaying in my head. It was all to real, all to... foreign. I expected him to yell and scream at me for talking about him, but no, instead he did what any other person would do.

,"I've got to go Iris, I'll call you later."

I snapped from my thoughts and looked up to Kendrick.  He was looking at me with a worried look.

,"Its okay."

I said smiling. He pulled me into a bear hug and I returned the favor. He planted a kiss on my forehead then pulled away and left in the other direction of the school. I sighed as I realized I had to walk home alone. I put on a brave face then began to walk. I had walked just about three blocks from the school when I heard a voice.

,"Hey sweetcheeks."

I looked around and saw, Erin Lean. A jock at school. He had a five'o'clock shadow and his eyes were red. I'm pretty sure he stayed home and got drunk. His blond hair was covered his brown eyes.

,"Erin I'm not in the mood."

I started to walk a little further but I sensed him walking behind me.

,"C'mon, come here."

He caught up to me. He grabbed me by the arm and I felt his grip tighten on me. I hissed in pain.

,"Get away from me!"

I yelled to him. He just tightened his grip on my arm. I turned around and slapped him across the face.


He screamed to me. He slapped me across the face faster then I could say the word "BITCH". I felt my jaw drop to the floor. He then started to pull me into a dark ally between buildings and houses.


,"Shut up!"

He told me slurring his words. I saw my books scattered around the ground. My phone was thrown a little farther away from us. He pushed me to the ground and I fell with a thud. I groaned and I started to scream, trying to get somebodies attention.

,"Shut up!"

He then hit my mouth busting my lip. I yelped and pushed him away from me. He tumbled back a little bit and it gave me the opportunity to grab my phone. I was so close, I was about to grab my phone when I felt his foot being pressed against my hand. I screamed in agony. He pressed his foot harder on my fingers. I didn't realize it but I was crying. He grabbed me by the waist then pushed me against the wall.


I yelled. His body was crushing mine, he was all on top of me and I felt my insides turn solid. I wanted to throw up. His hands fell to the button on my pants. I sobbed loudly, giving up all hope. I felt like it was over. He was going to take my virginity. His hand kept grabbing my breasts and butt, but his other hand was feeling my thigh. He started to pull off my pants.


I cried out. I started to hit his face but it did nothing to him. My pants were dropping. I closed my eyes and started to prepare for the worst possible thing that would ever happen to me. He grabbed the top of my black t-shirt then ripped it right through the middle, exposing my breasts and purple laced bra.


I heard a voice yell. I knew that voice all to well, I had it replaying in my head for the last six hours. I felt the body on top of mine being ripped off. I heard a thud then a loud gasp for air. I was to afraid to open my eyes. What if it was still happening? I slid down the wall and cupped my face in my hands. I cried silently. I heard shuffling and groans coming from one person. Minutes passed and I only heard one person panting. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping it wasn't Erin.

,"Iris? Its me, Jamie."

I knew it. I knew deep down that he was saving me. His voice wasn't as cold or harsh as it was earlier.

,"Come on."

He whispered while pulling me up from the floor. He grabbed my pants that were resting at my thighs then pulled them up. He buttoned them up and pulled up the zipper. I moved my hands away and saw him pulling off his sweatshirt. He took it off and I saw that he was wearing a plain white t-shirt. He pulled his sweatshirt over my head then finished putting it over my body. He looked down at me but I looked past him and to Erin's motionless body.

,"Is he dead?"

I croaked out. He looked at Erin then back at me.

,"No, but he should be."

I looked up at Jamie and I felt the tears start to weld in my eyes. He gave a me a heart warming smile that surprised me.

,"Why did you save me?"

I asked crying. He sighed and his fingers lingered on my cheeks. He wiped away my tears.

,"He would've raped you, I don't think anyone deserves to be raped."

I felt my insides become soft.

,"Thank you."

I let out. He scoffed a bit and nodded his head a bit.

,"You're welcome."

He told me. He looked around and saw my phone. He bent down and picked it up. He handed me my phone. I grabbed it slowly and looked up at him.

,"So are you coming? Or not?"

I looked at him with a confused face.

,"You don't think I'm going to leave a crying girl alone to walk home, do you?"

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