Chapter One

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Right For Me

Chapter One

How would you feel if the person who was supposed to love you more than life itself told you repeatedly you were unwanted, ugly, and a burden? Do you think it would change you? Make you bitter? Make you unlovable? For many, it would. Not for Daniella Fox though. Somehow she overcame life's hurdles and always managed to find the positive side of life. Well, almost always.


Daniella emailed her final assignment for the week and let out a sigh of relief. Five more minutes left to start the weekend. The sound of her cell phone beeping brought her out of her thoughts as she rummaged through her purse and read her message.

Marisa: Heads up. There's a party at your house in full swing.

Daniella: Damn. Now what?

Marisa: Meet me at the usual spot. We'll figure something out.

Daniella: Leaving work now.

Marisa: Okay.

Daniella gathered her things, said goodbye to her coworkers, and hightailed it out of the huge, brick building in the center of the business district in White Plains, New York. The moment she stepped outside, she realized she left her jacket in her office, as a slight cool breeze, typical for early spring, sent a shiver down her spine. Her feet picked up speed as she swiftly walked to her car, got in, and turned on the heat.

She made her way across town and stopped at a brand new bar not yet discovered by her overly concerned brother and his band of merry men.

"Over here," called Marisa with a grin. "The things I do just to get a few minutes time with my best friend."

Daniella scanned the entire area and let out the breath she was holding. "Girl please, you know you love this cat and mouse game."

"What I love is being sneaky and hiding from the watchdogs."

"You got that right," replied Daniella. "So what are our plans for the weekend?"

"It's going to be beautiful tomorrow. I think we should take a ride to the Jersey Shore."

"Awesome. Tell Mateo you have work tomorrow and I'll tell my brother the same. No one will be the wiser."

"Easy peasy."

Daniella ordered two drinks and just as she had her first sip, her phone rang.

"Crap. It's Benny," groaned Daniella as she accepted the phone call and cooed. "Hello."

"Where are you?" asked her older brother in a concerned voice.

"I'm still at work. I have a huge deadline for the magazine and I'm stuck working again all day tomorrow."

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