#2 - Goddess Pele's Anger

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Since that ancient time, the gods or goddesses who lived in volcanoes protected FIRE

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Since that ancient time, the gods or goddesses who lived in volcanoes protected FIRE.

Goddess Pele's Anger

Goddess Pele lived in Tahiti on our Mother Earth, born to Haumea, a very ancient Earth goddess, and Kane Milha, creator of the Sky and upper Heavens. As the Goddess of FIRE, she controlled lightning. Pete was eruptive with uncontrolled anger. Whenever Pele was upset, scared, or jealous, or had any disruptive emotion, she wrapped with FIRE and lava flowed from her, which scared her brothers and sisters.

When her father, Kane Milha, ordered his daughter Pele to leave, he gave her a small canoe and said, "Go, find your island and never come back." She traveled from a small island to next in Polynesian. On many islands, she dug pits and craters, carved tunnels, and left harden lava. The remains of volcanoes still exist where Pele searched for her perfect island.

When not satisfied, she canoed north. Pele decided on the most significant island at the top of the land chain. She dug in and created the mighty volcano Mount Kilawaya in Hawaii.

Goddess Pele is ravishing, always wearing back. She is a young maiden or an old crone, maybe whimsical or showing her temper. From her wound and navel, she birthed many gods. She is worshiped and feared by Humans and the Animal Cousins. There are many stories written about Pele.


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