always love you [soft jotaro]

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[Jotaro Pov] :

School is the last thing I have in mind or care about. I clench my fist under my desk as other whispering about me.

The teacher slap their hand against the desk " today we have a transfer student and he'll be joining us and welcome him" the door slide open and came out a boy with a hat and have a little bit of h/c hair sticking out from the back/hidden underneath.

Very calming face with his eyes relaxed softly front the desk before his c/l lips part gently. His shirt is f/c and pants is f/c and have a long coat/cardigan.It's open so his shirt is viable and gold/silver/etc  necklace and out of dress code. His eyes sharpen once they laid on me for a moment before glancing at the teacher.

My stomach turn as I slowly put my head down on the table.

[ Y/N Pov ] :

My parents are great travelers but still are bad at parenting.... the lack of attention isn't there when I need the most. My heart drop down again when they said they be gone another 6 months.

Whatever. I calmed down as I could stand front of class and before my introduction, I notice the odd feeling my heart pulling as my eyes switch towards of a classmate . Him..that's odd no one seem to bother his presence. I glare, strange...

I sat down to a aqua/sea ocean eyes boy that flinch at my presence when I sat down and gave a frown. I ignored everyone that seem starring but I focus rather on him-

He's pretty but there's a string that seem to pull towards him-

I roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief, fate as if...

I take a last look and my eyes began to close gently before seeing him take a look.


I felt a soft tap on me and I quickly grab their hand out of a reflex but relax once it's warm. A hint of familiarity that I don't remember. As if I'm not alone with this person-

"s-sorry but can you let go-" when I glance up to the colors eyes that reflect me but butterflies buzzy around as I realize I'm still holding his hand.

Letting go of his hand, I got up and nodded to him and left for lunch but stop. In hesitated mind, I lick my lips and turn to him as he stare at me for a second.

A group's official female grab my arm, and my clothes to get my attention as I rip away from him towards the  lunch room- of course I look back but he was gone.

"aww he noticed me"

"no he didn't it's me! "

"No it's me!" they kept arguing

I went up the roof and noticed that nobody is here. I sigh in relief. My thoughts went towards that beautiful boy with-
A loud Yelp caught my attention and look down by the railing-Ah! That boy I sit with at class. I part my lips as to get his attention-

"Jotaro just give in! We need some of that money"

"You freak why do you born to a rich family but all you can do is cry and whine" one them push him to the wall.

One punch his face until there was crack noise and hit his head against the wall. I look down at my hand as blood running down..Why I'm so work up and the rage is filling in

My eyes widen- He was bleeding from his head and nose.

Oh god

They all laughed and point at him. He was on the floor and then his eyes got teary. Then theres that moment I snap and slam my hands against the railing. Bending the metal.

I jump off the two story building. I don't care if my legs hurt after but seeing his state make my inside crawl. They heard it and turn around in shocked but laugh once it just me.

Berserk...I want to go berserk

" the new kid want to join too? Never expect that kind of guy"

"Come on let's play around"  a girl said

I look at him and saw frightened in his eyes. His back is against the wall. I frown at them in disgusted

I take out my stand. My stand is a [anything for you reader ].

The stand take a quick hit of one of them that send flying towards the wall. They look surprised

"h-he didn't move b-but how!?"

"I will ask you  to leave him alone in a favor " I spoke and lean forward in eye level.

"or else what!?" one of them said  but he was shaking all over the place.

"Be in hell " and I flip them off

They quickly left.

I look at him, drops of blood fall onto his clothes but rather he look like a deer at headlights. I move closer and a name flutter in mind.

" your name Jotaro" more of statement then a question

"Yes but why did you-" I cut him off with a scowl of his following questions

"Shut up with the questions but first clinic is where heading at, then we could talk if I want " I said and he stay quite and was blushing in mess. I glance back before grabbing his hand as he struggling to hold on.

We went inside with the nurse went towards him many questions as I stand back but before taking a lunchbox out. I  observer their action but especially at Jotaro.

I went by his bedside-

"Why you still here if you waiting for a thank you. Then"

"Did you eat?" I ask and grab his hand out of second thought

"N-no as I was saying-" I open my lunch and hold my chopsticks up to his mouth to eat

"Oh-no thank you but it's your l-"

"Your a stubborn person, just eat because it's not good to skip lunch and beside you looked you don't eat enough. Stay healthy" I said and he began to eat.

When he finished I gave a satisfy smile but there was silence.

"Why did you help me?" A heavily blush place on my cheek of not knowing how to respond to that-why did I?

"there nothing to say for a reason but I think I'm getting a sorted of a idea..." I said while tugging my hat over my eyes.

"oh" there was a silence

"The name is Jotaro" he shyly look at my eyes before biting his lips

Again with the introduction? Maybe a proper one

"[y/n] just [y/n] I prefer " I said softly and look away as my body flinch from his touch on my hand.

"Jotaro you may go home if you like " a nurse said as he nodded

"and you Y/N can go back to class" I nodded and move to the door and wait for Jotaro. We walk to the main gate but

"sorry asking but are supposed to go back to class?" he ask as I gave a smile response

"let's go before someone notices parents wouldn't mind-here" I grab his should and made him bump into me, my chest as he shakily look back but he lead the way to his house.

A woman rush to him and hug Jotaro.

"Ah! My Jotaro you home early!" she said while looking happily but he gently hugged back

Her gaze focused on me and gave a small nodded.

"oh who is this- you have a friend!" she said and grab my arm and made me bend over her height

"Nice to meet and my name is seiko"

"Name is [y/n] ma'am" I said when I looked away from her to I glance at Jotaro who looks cutely at his mother boldness.

She giggled. She led us in and have some tea. Something about Jotaro love towards his mother is something I want from him but more romantically.


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