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'We have reason to believe you'll be his next challenge.'

'What?!' Lisa yelped, starting to become a bit flustered now.

Debbie spoke softly as she look uncomfortably at the ground. 'We don't know how it happened, he shouldn't even be on the system, it's been years, who knows, he might not even receive your details and if he does he might not even bother to follow them up.'

Adam continued on, 'He disagrees with the way we do things here so Debbie is right, he'll probably disregard it completely but we wanted to inform you anyway.'

Lisa groaned, putting her head in her hands. 'I'm sorry about this but I'm still not completely following you, what's so dangerous about a sex demon to be completely frank?'

Adam and Debbie exchanged a look and then Adam spoke seriously.
'Well, we're only not perceived as dangerous because we don't act like it, we respect how humans should be treated but Achilles won't. If he were to find you, he'd undoubtedly try and seduce you and then make you his completely, have you under his control like incubi used to treat humans, back before paranormals went mainstream.'

Lisa felt her stomach plummet. This couldn't be happening. She'd literally just called for a harmless bit of fun and now she was sitting in a marble office in old sweatpants and a pajama top at half past twelve at night. This was crazy, she didn't want to believe it.

'What are the odds he'll come for me?'

'We really don't know, but we're willing to place you under some kind of protection if you want, it's in company policy. Since Adam and I are directly involved, we'd be able to help you.'

Lisa looked up at them both her expression still clearly puzzled.

'And how would you do that?'

'Well, we would have to monitor where you live, if he does come looking for you, it's the first place he'd go since that's all he'd have to go on apart from your first name which obviously doesn't really narrow down anything. We also have to consult our board of directors first but if the threat was deemed imminent enough it would be within our power to move you somewhere else temporarily until we have dealt with Achilles.' Debbie said very matter of factly.

'Is it really that serious? I feel like you're not telling me something.' Lisa narrowed her eyes slightly.

Debbie clasped her hands together and looked increasingly uncomfortable as she tried to find how to phrase what she was going to say next.

'Well the problem is, we're not at liberty to tell you all we know, it's against our policy, I'm sorry.'

Adam continued for her, as she was clearly quite embarrassed; 'Just trust us when we say that he is not someone you want to cross paths with and none of this should be taken lightly, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you.'

Lisa was starting to get annoyed, was there not any kind of protection they had against stuff like this happening?

'How was this allowed to happen, is there not anyone to blame for this?'

'I'm afraid not, and I feel your frustration, but it really was just an error on our servers.'

'So you're telling me that I'm just in grave danger and there isn't anyone accountable for this?'

They both just looked down and said nothing.

'Whatever, thanks for all the information, now I'm leaving if that's quite okay.' Lisa turned to leave and Debbie suddenly stopped. 'Wait, take my number at least, and contact me if anything happens.' She said with a sad smile, handing Lisa a slip of paper.

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