My heart lept into my throat, as I heard an abrupt knock at the door. I took a steadying breath and stepped to the door, edging it open to see Hades, eyes ablaze with lust.
There he was.
-The cure to all that was ailing me.

He smirked, before shoving the door aside. He dragged me to him, pressing me fully against his solid body, and my breath shuddered out as I absentmindedly slapped my hand against the door. I grasped his collar and yanked his head down to mine, barely registering the sound of the door clicking shut.

Our mouths crashed together, as he backed me up to the bed, his hands running along my curves. He lifted me up, dropping me on the silken sheets and I broke from the kiss with a hiss as I encountered the cold surface. I yanked on his shirt, calling out breathlessly, "Off."

I watched in anticipation as his hands grasped the hem of his shirt, yanking over his head without hesitation.
I hummed in satisfaction at the sight, sliding my hands across his hard chest, before dipping my fingers into band of his underwear peaking over his jeans.

He grunted as his head descended to mine again, and I met those lips with vigor, giving him a taste of my need. I slipped my hands around him to claw at his taut back, spreading my legs further to accommodate his body, as I pulled him flush against me.

His hands found the hem of the shirt I had been sleeping in, before jerking it over my head and sending it flying across the room.

He left my mouth, His eyes widened as he took in my bare body, and I felt my temperature rise, as he unfastened his pants, letting them drop.
I growled lowly at the sight of his arousal.

I moaned as he fisted his hand in my hair, pulling my head back to expose the smooth skin of my neck.

His chest rumbled in pleasure, as he pressed me down against the bed, staring at me with those dark and hungry eyes.

"Wake up,"


I jolted awake, sitting up in bed.

I scanned my surroundings, only to find that I was alone, it had all just been a dream.
Thought, I wasn't sure wether I was disappointed or not that it hadn't been reality.

The clock beside my bed read 3:45AM.

I rose from the bed, only then noticing the wetness that had pooled between my thighs.

"Fuck..." I hissed, stripping down and heading for a cold shower.

Twenty minutes later, my body had been scrubbed clean of all feeling and emotion, I decided that since I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep with the endless steam of thoughts running through my head, I might as well try to vent some of my frustrations.

-I had donned a black sports bra, combined with black Nike pro shorts.

Grabbing an ice cold water bottle from the pack fridge, I headed down to the basement where I knew there to be an underground training area for pack warriors and members of rank. Technically, I wasn't supposed to be in there, I didn't exactly have a rank in this pack, however it was late and nobody else would be down there at this time.

My wolf was frustrated, as was I.
She was sexually frustrated, the night of the party had left her begging for more.
I on the other hand, had been avoiding Hades like the plague.
I didn't want him to think that night meant anything.

It didn't.
Though, my wolf said otherwise.

I stepped up to the large punching bag that dangled from the ceiling in the centre of the basement, placing my water bottle on the floor beside it.

Taking a fighting stance, I readied my fists, before swinging.

Punch after punch, until my fists were bloodied and raw, but I kept going, I kept pushing forward.
The pain kept it real, -it stopped my mind from wondering.

Images flooded through my mind,
Flashes of my past, some I had tried so desperately to burry deep enough to forget, only for them to rise to the surface.

A small child stood alone in a corner, tears falling from her cheeks.

I punched harder, small grunts leaving my lips as my fists connected with the bag.

Hands, hands everywhere. On a young girl's body, as she flailed and tried so desperately to fight them off.
But alas the men were too strong.

Something warm slipped down my cheek, and I cried out as I struck, my fists leaving bloodied marks on the bag.

The men jeered as the girl struggled, taking turns in taking all she had in the world.

They didn't care that she was young.

They didn't care that this wasn't what she wanted.

They didn't care.

A guttural shout left my throat as I kicked the bag, the chains that held it to the ceiling snapped and it fell to the floor with a bang, bringing up the little dust that had settle upon the ground.

My legs buckled beneath me, falling to the floor with a broken sob.

"Go away." I snapped, a tear falling from my cheek to the floor.
I didn't need to turn to know he was there.

"I said, go away!" I screamed, standing to my feet and turning to face him, the monster of grief awakening within me to clawing at my eyes and throat.

"Who did this to you?" He growled, taking a step towards me with gritted teeth, "Who made you like this."

I clenched my fist, nails digging into my palm hard enough to draw blood, "Nobody did this to me," I tried to keep my voice strong, even though on the inside I was crumbling. "I did this to myself."


"No strings remember," I laughed, an empty display, "Just because we fucked doesn't mean you're allowed to care."

"Stop pretending this is all a game to you." He snarled.

"A game? Alpha, don't you see?... I'm insane."

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