Chapter 2: The Mind Reader

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Chapter Two, the Mind Reader

Jessica awoke and rubbed her eyes, judging by the sunset, she'd slept a while. "Well, so much for Ms. I'm not going-to-freak-out." stated an all too- familiar voice.

Jessica jumped up as the memory of the weird wolf boy dawned on her.

"Leave me alone you freak!" Jessica yelled.

The boy emerged from behind a nearby tree with a hurt look on his face.

"Will you stop popping out from behind trees?" Jessica yelled at him.

The boy had a concerned look on his face and took a step closer to her.

"I don't mean to frighten you."

Jessica darted behind another tree, "Stay back!"

The boy continued walking slowly closer to her, "Look, I'm not going to eat you or anything, ok?"

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Well then wolf boy, why don't you just leave me alone and go hunt yourself some dinner!"

The boy sighed again, looking defeated. Jessica noticed he was right in front of her now.

"Look, I don't want you getting hurt, it's getting dark."

Jessica eyed him suspiciously.

"My friend and I have a camp site set up near here; you'd be much safer with us, than in the woods all alone at night."

Well, I guess if he was hungry, he'd have eaten me already, Jessica thought.

Seeing as she had no where to go, she sighed and agreed. The boy smiled warmly at her. Jessica followed the boy through the woods.

"We should be there soon," he said as Jessica's stomach growled hungrily.

The boy noticed and said, "We've got some food at camp, and in the morning we'll take you to town and everything will be explained to you."

Jessica nodded wearily, "So, what's your name anyway, wolf boy?"

The boy smiled and said, "The name's John." John turned to her, "And your name is...?"

"Jessica," she stated plainly.

They reached the camp site and to Jessica's delight there was a feast of berries, chicken, and potatoes.

John yelled, "Hey Matt, we've got a guest from the other world here."

A boy with red hair and strange purple eyes popped out of a tent.

"Oh, hey Johnny!"

The boy then peered over John's shoulder at Jessica.

"Hi, I'm Matt." He offered a purple-gloved hand to Jessica.

Jessica took it and introduced herself. Well, at least this one has more manners... she thought.

Matt gave John an odd look before saying, "Well, help yourself guys, this is only going to get colder." He passed Jessica a plate, fork and knife.

"Water's in the cooler over there Jessica."

Jessica walked over and started eating right away. The boys sat down a few minutes later. "So, Matt..." Jessica started, "Um, do you do anything special?"

Matt shot John an annoyed glance before answering, "Well, I'm sort of a wizard, well I mean not a real wizard, but I can control small amounts of fire."

Well at least he doesn't turn into weird wolves, thought Jessica.

Matt started laughing.

"What?" Jessica stammered, "What's so funny?"

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