Ultimate Critter

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"All is fair in love, war, and ultimate critter."

His arms were spread wide, his face turned towards the sky, each gentle ray of sunlight softly caressing his tanned face. He ran his fingers through his unruly auburn hair, the tips highlighted a faint blonde. He smiled, the lopsided, goofy grin that made my heart melt every time I saw it. He was the only person I knew that could wear an old, dirty, stretched out, mesh penny and still manage to look like he walked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch model session. He twirled around, running towards us with a serious look on his face.

"So guys," he started, leaning low, "what's our name gonna be?"

He stared at me, but I turned my face away quickly, waving a nonchalant hand in his direction.

"Think of something," I muttered as Kelly leaned in from the side of me.

He merely glanced down at his yellow penny before exclaiming excitedly,

"We can be the green frogs!" he stared at us like he had just had some ground-breaking epiphany.

"Green frogs?" I clarified, once again, looking down at our yellow pennys.

"Yeah man!" he said enthusiastically, "think about it! It would mess them up so bad!"

He pointed across the field towards our opponents. They through shifty glances at us, acknowledging that their defeat would be great, as our team was stacked. They fiddled with their green pennys, looking like they wished to be anywhere but in P.E. I nudged Cody in the ribs,

"Is it just me, or is Kiko's taking this wa-y to seriously?" I drew out the "way" as far as I could, my eyebrows rising to add more effect.

Cody merely rolled his eyes,

"It's Kiko, what do you expect?" I turned to watch the tall, gangly freshman swagger across the field to make obscene gestures to the other team behind Mr. Martinson's back.

I grimaced, hearing Mr. Martinson berate Kiko as he caught him mid-way through a particularity vulgar gesture. Shaking my head wearily, I walked across the field to drag Kiko back towards our team.

It was hot. I was sweaty and extremely irritable at having to endure the monotonous last class of P.E standing in the middle of the football field. I flicked my shirt away from me, wiping the sweat from my forehead as Mr. Martinson explained the game using various blades of grass. Needless to say, I zoned out completely. Leaning back, I watched the light fluffy clouds float lazily by. The round puff's contrasting cream colored form against the deep azure reflecting in my eyes.

"Keira!" I whipped around quickly, only to come face to face with Kiko. His nose was about an inch from mine, his sage eyes boring into mine. Shuffling backwards, I fought to flatten my heart rate as it threatened to burst out of my chest. He laughed, flipping over from sitting position to lie, face up on the grassy field. He shuffled awkwardly on his back to lay next to me.

"This feels good," he commented lightly.

"Oh, look!" he pointed upwards at a cloud floating lazily by, "It looks like a banana!"

I frowned, suddenly feeling at ease with him next to me.

"It does not. It looks like a snake!"

He gave me a sly side eye,

"And those don't have relatively the same shape at all..."

"They don't!" I defended myself quickly, "They're totally different!"

He ogled me for a second, laughing and stating matter-of-factly,

"You're weird."

Feeling more than a little depressed a turned away, but not before he smiled slightly and said,

"I like that about you."

"Keira! What's up, babe?" I turned my head slowly, still lost in the love-exuding haze that was Kiko.

"Huh..?" Was my genius reply as I turned towards the speaker.

It was Naomi. Stumbling upwards, I tried to wipe the guilty look off my face.

"Nothing much, gorgeous. Missed you!" I grinned slyly.

She smiled brightly, "Sorry I was late, I had to stay back at the Student Council meeting!"

"No problem," I waved her apology off, "I already checked in for you."

"Owe you millions," she laughed.

"No worries, honey. You know I love you," I winked.

Love. Can't say that we've tangoed before. The steps to that dance are dangerous to the uncoordinated like me. I always stumble during the steps, missed the cues, and most of all...

I always fall the hardest.

There are rules to love. Except, they aren't rules... to say, games, or anything.

Theses are, "invisible rules" as I'd like to call them. No one really says them out loud because, well, you just know them.


1. Friend before guys

2. Love should be out of trust

3. Flirt, but never over the top-- cuz then you lose all dignity

4. No dating a friend's ex

I don't even remember, there are so many...

Don't get me wrong, I've never overstepped a rule once... Until now...

"Sorry Keira," Kiko leapt in, his arms around her waist, "She's mine!"

I grinned before playfully putting a hand to my forehead,

"I know, off-limits!" No one noticed the truth behind my words.

Because the most important rule of all was...

You must never. Absolutely. Ever. Ever.

Fall in love with your best friend's boyfriend.

And that... Was exactly what I was doing.


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