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mystery on nox street part one

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I was awakened by the sound of footsteps running up and down the stairs. i was thinking maybe it was just my mom getting home from work so i just stayed in bed. then the sounds turned louder and louder so i got out of bed and slowly opened my bedroom door...nothing, everything was quiet. i was curtain i heard something so i turned on the light and walked down stairs nothing was there so i just went back to bed. it was 11:30 when i woke up and i went down stairs to get breakfast i went into the kitchen.  when i sat at the table it was like there was something breathing on my neck so i turned around thinking it was my mother but no one was there. I'm starting to get creeped out because im sure that i was not just hearing the footsteops up and down the stairs and i was sure that i wasn't just thinking that there was a cold breath on my neck. it was silent in my house, i was thinking of what it could have possibly been last night and a minute ago. BANG!!! mom!!? mom are you ok?? mom answer me!!!! i ran up stairs and there was my mother laying on the bed dead with no blood or anything. omg what am i gonna do? i gotta call the cops, i ran down stairs and got the phone. "911 what is your emergency?"  " yes my mother is dead in bed i dont know how she died all i heard was a big bang sorta like a gun shot" " where are you located?" "uhm 42 nox street watertown ny just please come quick!" "were on our way" what am i gonna do without my mother i thought? i ran back upstairs and went into my mothers room...shes gone?! no she can't be gone no one has been here. omg i gotta getout of this place! i went over to my freinds and told her everything and she was creeped out then we went for a walk. we went near my house and the cops were there. they saw me and looked at me like i was stupid. i started crying what am i gonna do without my mother. my dads all they way in iraq. well im sure he will come home after he finds out. i gotta call him, when i called my father found out he said that he will be there as quick as he can. but what do we do when he gets here just pretend nothing ever happened? we will see  lets go back to your house i cant bare to watch them searching.

                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED

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