Wind It All Back [poetry contest]

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And I wish everything would be alright again

like how it was when we first met

until the day grew shorter

the confusion and utter delusion

of the insanity clouded haze

you think is love

the bitter feeling of knowing you're not good enough

and everyone seems to know it

but the poor lost soul

you call yourself

when will that time come

that everything will move backwards

to where it all began

the memories would fade away to black

like the red velvet curtains

on a well beloved play

except in this case

the halls of time are empty

and void

just the way it always was

where the dusted

shadow trodden paths of your mind

are a winding sojourn

you can't fathom


I want to just

push back the slender black hands of time

to wind it all

until the springs can't hold the pressure

because it feels like

everything is building up


like the tops

about to explode

into a million shimmering emotions

so tangled and mussed

until the silvery sheen of truth is

coated in lies and deception

I feel as though sight is slipping through my fingers

the crystal ball

crashing to the floor

exploding into infinite shards

and maybe when I look hard enough

I can see the faint reflection

of who I used to be

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