Chapter nine-Raven black hair and Underwear

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♥♡This chapter is dedicated to alwaysademigod, she made me an amazing cover for a future book (not my next, but another I'm planning) anyway, she makes awesome covers, go check her out

Anyway, I present to you chapterrrrr Nine!♡♥

Alex woke up after being poked by his personal alarm clock.

"Awex?" a little voice questioned "Awex, are you dead?" He opened his eyes and groaned.

"I'm not dead Mystique, I'm a teenager" he told her groggily.

"Aren't they the same thing?" she asked in adorable confusion. He ruffled her hair in affection.

"Just about, Kiddo."

He reluctantly pulled himself out of bed and began to prepare himself for the day.

They'd been back at school just over a week. Hunter was still irritating Ivy, He was getting annoyed, She had been accepted as a cheerleader and "adopted" by the popular girls, who let Alex tag along, and Mystique was just being her adorable yet obnoxious self.

Ivy had also continued to excel in every single subject and often helped other people out as well.

Alex arrived downstairs to the delicious smell of cooked breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast. His mother smiled at him and passed him a plate. Just as he was about to take a bite of his mouth-watering bacon, he heard the doorbell ring. Glancing at his mother, who was washing dishes, and Mystique, who had managed to get egg yolk and butter all over her hands and face, he decided it was up to him to answer it.

He walked down the hallway and pulled the door open. A blonde girl with a floral print backpack stared up at him.


"Oh hi" Ivy said as if she was suprised to see him, although this was the house he lived in, so he couldn't see why. "I'm really early but I was wondering if you would walk me to school." she stated, looking hopeful.

"There's at least more than forty-five minutes until we have to leave, why don't you come in?"

Ivy nodded happily and agreed.

Alex took her into the dining room. Mystique was having her hands and face wiped clean by Alex's mum and was protesting loudly, but stopped when Ivy walked in.

"Iveeee!" she screeched and Alex's mother turned around.

"Alex, who's this?" she asked, but not in a doubtful manner.

"This is Ivy, the girl next door" he explained and She smiled warmly at Ivy.

"Welcome dear, would you like some breakfast?" Ivy hesitated, but smiled back eventually.

"Yes please"

Ivy ate slowly, while Alex wolfed down his breakfast so he could help his mother with the dishes. In a matter of minutes, he had finished eating and grabbed a dishcloth.

"I had no idea she was so gorgeous" Alex's mother breathed in his ear while her hands were still submerged in the dishwater. "And good with kids too" she continued, glancing over ger shoulder to look at Ivy and Mystique who were having a rather civillised coversation, especially considering that Mystique was a part of it. "Will you invite her to dinner tonight?" she whispered. "And her parents."

"Her parents aren't home" Alex informed her. And indeed, Ivy's parents had arrived home several days ago, only to leave again yesterday.

"Oh what a shame, Just her then?"

"Okay" Alex agreed and crossed his fingers in hope that his mother wouldn't judge Ivy. She beamed back at him and nudged him towards Ivy. He put down his dishcloth and coughed for Ivy's attention.

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