Chapter 14: The Aid from Friends and Relatives

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I had a slight fever, but after eating noodles and taking my medicine I was satisfied and fell asleep; my mom stayed one night with me.

When I woke up the next day, my mom had already left.

She left a note saying: if your temperature has gone down, there is some porridge to warm up and eat. I'm heading back to take care of your dad.

Then I saw these words.

"Find someone to settle down with."

I quietly threw the note into the trash, went to the kitchen and put the porridge into the microwave.

While I listened to the slight buzzing sound from the microwave, I suddenly realized that this means she has accepted my orientation.

Telling me to find someone without specifying a man or a woman; it's my mom's final bottom line.

It took almost 8 years, but I was finally accepted by my mom. The only catch was I still haven't found the right person.


In the morning I was too lazy to go to work, so I called in sick. I took my quilts to the living room and nested on the sofa while watching TV.

Really comfortable, I was so comfortable that not even my favorite female program could keep me awake; I fell asleep again and when I woke up I happened to catch the commercial about melasma[1] treatments.

Except for my nose feeling uncomfortable, everything else was fine now.

Mom called and said she is bringing food over to me, I cheerfully rolled on the sofa; she scolded me for being childish and happy from such a trivial thing.

I smiled, but it was kind of a bitter smile.

Mom came at noon, she also prepared my dinner meal and said: "Wait until you get healthy again, come home to visit us more often."

I thought of a song.

Then I shook off the song and nodded.

Mom stayed to have dinner with me; a short while after she left, I received a phone call. I looked at the caller ID and became shocked for a moment.


"Hello? Shou Ning? It's Wang Jin Cheng."

"I know." I was just surprised.

"What's up with your voice? Are you sick?"

"Hm, uh...why are you calling?"

"Can't we meet each other without a reason? I thought that we are buddies."

I got frightened at those words, then asked: "When was it?"

He laughed: "Are you at work?"

I scratched my head: "No, I'm resting at home."

"Hei, it seems a bit serious, but you actually can take care of yourself. I heard Yang Jian said you live alone? Where do you live I'll come to visit you."

"No need, no need."

"I'm looking for you for something and since it's inconvenient for you to go out, I'll go there."

In the end I obediently told him my address and obediently waited for him; after a while Wang Jin Cheng came.

I took the bag of fruit in his hand with a complicated mood.

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