Chapter 13: Please, Raise Your Hand If You Love Me

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I even dreamed about that girl who confessed to me on the internet. I dreamt of meeting her and she looked beautiful like a flower.

Then I woke up.

It had gotten dark outside, I still didn't feel like moving. Even though I'm sick, my stomach still had the gall to get hungry.

I want to eat noodles cooked by my mom.

I suddenly recalled what Yang Jian said about his mother's flavor.

That one of a kind flavor, the one that probably cannot be forgotten for a lifetime.

When a person is living alone they should never ever get sick, because if you're to get sick, you will be like me. One can enjoy freedom by living a single life, but in times like this, one still feels cold even when covered up in a thick quilt. Even though one cannot utter a word, one still wants to hear someone saying something.

Listening to him say, have a good rest.

Actually I couldn't stand it anymore, so I had no choice but to stand up and drag myself into the living room. I opened the fridge, took out a can of eight treasure porridge, poured it into a bowl and put it into the microwave to heat it up.

After it was cool enough to eat, I scooped one spoonful into my mouth.

Ew, too sweet.

I really don't know why Yang Jian likes to eat this.

Thinking about Yang Jian, I don't know how he's doing.

Obviously he said that he wants to woo me, but now I'm sick yet he won't even come to visit me.

Okay, I know that I'm being vexatious, but I'm sick and I'm not sensible.

I put the spoon down and used my hand to support my head. I looked at the empty living room, it's definitely a very small apartment, but right now it feels really big.

Should I go find myself someone now?

Should I find someone who is willing to live with me, eat meals together, watch TV together and sleep with me? If I do, then when I get sick, he can take care of me and I will also be willing to take care of him when he is sick.

Of course he must love me.

Where is this person? I really want to rush out to the street and shout, whoever loves me please raise your hand.

Will Yang Jian raise his hand?

He said that he wanted to woo me, but until now he hasn't said he loves me; he hasn't even said that he likes me.

I'm such a failure.

My twenty-six years of living.

Yang Jian said I have low self esteem, afraid and worried about other people discriminating against me.

Anyway what am I afraid of? Am I afraid of people pointing at me and saying I'm disgusting?

I just don't want to lose anyone anymore, friends and family.

I just want to have a person I can cherish just the same as he will cherish me.

I was lying flat on the table, hypnotizing myself it will be ok once I get well again; then I can happily go back to work even if people on the bus step on my toes, it doesn't matter.

Then I can take the elevator, it's a pity that I can't see the president until next week.

Thinking about that person, my hands which had no strength were unexpectedly able to clench into a fist.

Sometimes when I watch TV I always pay attention to the people standing in the corners; they sometimes rush through, sometimes they stop and look at the person standing in the center of the scene.

I don't know if I look like that in other people's eyes; I don't even know if anyone notices me.

I think the person standing in the spotlight turned his head around.

I was indulging in flights of fancy when my phone suddenly rang loudly. I got startled and somehow felt nervous, holding up the phone: "Hello?"

"Shou Ning ah."

Hearing the familiar voice, suddenly it was like something was collapsing.

No need to pretend anymore, just say it.

"Mom I got sick."

"Ah? This rascal, you dare to get sick! Do you want to get beaten?"

......So good, actually to be scolded can be so delightful.

"You sound like a duck, once you men get sick it is always the same, you can't endure it like women! Even more so with you, you don't get sick easily, but once you get sick you will be wailing for your mom and dad. Wait a bit, I'll be there in a minute. "

I hung up the phone and covered my eyes while smiling, I seemed to feel much lighter now.

Soon I can eat the noodles I want to eat, really good ah.

Words from the Author:

Against the law of seclusion number 1: if you love me please raise your hand.

Who says mom cannot raise her hand ah......

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