Chapter 13: Please, Raise Your Hand If You Love Me

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Afterward on Wednesday, something very serious happened.

I caught a cold.

I don't know how it happened, after waking up in the morning I had an awful sore throat by the afternoon I had a stuffy nose

The section chief looked at my desk full of white tissues, shook his head and said: "They said fools never catch a cold, apparently that saying is wrong."

I was really depressed.

After a few seconds, the section chief kicked me out and sent me home. I touched my stuffy nose and muttered: "My perfect attendance ah!"

"Be at ease, I kicked you out and sent you home so I'll take responsibility, but---" He looked disgustingly at the used tissues on my desk and pointed at them: "First get rid of these unhygienic tissues."

I carried my tissues and left the company. While I was walking I continuously wiped my nose; I saw a little girl curiously staring at my nose, as a result the situation resembled some kind of TV play because her mother immediately dragged her away even said: "Don't look at that strange uncle."

Tch, haven't you ever seen someone with a cold? Making a fuss about nothing.

I grabbed onto a handle overhead while standing in the bus, swaying left and right; I want to shriek at the driver, fuck you! Can't you drive smooth and steady!?!

Please excuse my obscene language. I'm not usually a person who swears, except in extraordinary circumstances like this.

Unfortunately my throat hurts so much that I can't even stand swallowing saliva, the words I shouted in my heart of course the driver cannot hear.

I took out a paper tissue and wiped my nose, then put it in my pocket.

The bald man sitting on the seat twisted his face in disgust, I was itching to slap the top of his smooth head.

Fuck it, my morality is good, don't let this man get to me and make me want to throw it on the floor.

The bus was a bit crowded, however since I caught a cold, people kept their distance from me.

I staggered and got off the bus.

Well, at least I saved twenty dollars of a taxi fare.

I directly kicked the door open and immediately collapsed on the bed, breathing through my mouth like a foolish fish gasping for air.

I was in a daze, half asleep and half awake. When I laid on my left side, my left nostril became stuffed; when I laid on my right side, my right nostril became stuffed. So when I decided to lay facing upward, both sides became stuffed; I really couldn't win.

I really did not have the strength to turn over and experiment how it was sleeping on my tummy.

Afterwards I might have fallen into a deep sleep and had quite a lot of dreams.

In my dream there was just me and the president in an elevator, suddenly the elevator dropped down but I still calmly asked the president when will it stop? President said it is unstoppable.

I also dreamed of Yang Jian chasing after me. He was holding a chopper just like my mom that time, he was even wearing an apron and kept shouting you are a homo, you are a homo.

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