London: chapter 10

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A/N finally! A update! Took me like a month to be happy with what I wrote... and re-wrote and then re-wrote again. This is just one out of like three chapters I wrote so all is well, for now at least.


So here we are on a plane to our next destination... London.

"I'm gonna miss them so much" Anya said teary eyed "I'm gonna miss... everyone so much"

My heart sank as I processed her words... she wasn't just talking about Otto and Charlotte... she wasn't just sad about us leaving Alaska... I don't know what to say... how to cheer her up. Wait! I got something!

"Hey sunshine, I got you something" I say as I pull a small black and gold box from my backpack

"Hmmm? When did you get me this... what is it?" Her eyes immediately lights up and the sadness fades away

"I went into town a lot more than you did sunshine. Just open it" she took the small box gently from my hand and lifted the lid. Inside was a sterling silver necklace and earrings with small stones that looked like they had the northern lights in them.

Her eyes grew even wider as she traced her fingers over the jewelry "oh Demitri, it's beautiful. I love it!" Swiftly she closed the box turns to me and swings her arms around my neck giving me the tightest hug she could muster in such a confined space. I hugged her back as best I could as she whispers a 'thank you're in my ear followed by a quick peck on my cheek as she pulls away.

"I'm wearing it right now" she puts on the earrings and then hands me the necklace, turning slightly in her seat and lifting her hair up so I can fix the necklace around her neck. It looks even better on her.

She immediately took out her phone and took a 'selfie' and posted all the photos she took with her phone on instagram and Facebook tagging me in all of them. I DoD the same with the few photos I had and took the opportunity to check up on things at my company. No surprise, dad was there just about everyday insuring everything runs smoothly. Thanks dad.

We briefly fooled around with the video camera and then Anya curled up to my side and stayed there peacefully asleep. I got comfortable resting my head on hers and fell asleep... before I knew it a stewardess was telling us to sit up and fasten our seatbelts for landing.

"This place is huge!" Anya exclaimed twirling around in the titanic size airport. I couldn't help but smile at her perky childlike behavior as she skips alongside me as we wondered the airport looking for baggage claim. I glanced over at one of the shops when I noticed a familiar treat... jelly teddies.

I reached for Anya's hand as she skips past me, and to my surprise, she intertwined our fingers. Leading her to the store I'm pretty sure I have a ridiculous grin on my face. I reached out grabbing a packet of jelly teddies and handed them to her.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Jelly teddies!" She squealed jumping a little next to me

I grabbed another bag of jelly teddies and headed to the cashier. To my dismay I'm forced to let go of her hand to get my wallet from my pocket. I paid for our treats and Anya grabbed the bags from the counter opening one as she skipped out the store. I love how happy such small things make her.

"Demitri, they taste different. Here taste" she held a green jelly teddy between her forefinger and thumb to my mouth. I swallowed and opened my mouth slightly. She gently placed the treat between my lips. I pursed my lips as her fingers delicately graze my pressed flesh leaving the sweet candy bear between my lips. She kept staring at me while I savored the little treat in my mouth.

"So? What do you think?" She asked curiously

"You're right. It's different. But still good right?" We did but two bags of the stuff

"They're amazing!" All I could do was laugh as we started walking in the direction of baggage claim. As we walked Anya shared her jelly teddies with me. Gently and swiftly popping teddy after teddy in my mouth as she skips along. By the time we reached the baggage claim both bags of treats were gone and our bags were waiting for us to claim them.

We took a cab to our hotel and checked into our rooms. We are staying here tonight and then tomorrow we're going on a day trip tour of Stonehenge. The rooms were beautiful and spotless. Just as vintage looking on the inside as the building looked on the outside. Each room had a sitting area with a cream colored couch and a wooden coffee table with various tour guides and brochures of things to do in the surrounding area on it. On a wall in front of the couch hung a flat screen tv and a few feet behind the couch was a king size bed facing the sitting area. To the left of the bed was a small closet and to the right was a on suite bathroom.

I sat down my bags securing my phone and wallet in my pocket before heading to Anya's room. I knocked on the door and she opened it quickly. "Demitri, come in. I just got off the phone with dad"

I followed her into the room closing the door behind me. She plopped down on the couch grabbing a brochure in the process. "I'm starving. We should get something to eat" she said flipping through the pages.

I sat down beside her eyeing each page she passes "I saw a 'pub' as they say, down the street from here. I'm sure we can get something to eat there"

"Great! Let's go!" She exclaimed tossing the brochure on the coffee table and jumping up from the couch pulling me up with her. She took me by the hand leading me out the door and through the hotel never once letting go of my hand. The goofy smile on my face is back.

We reached the 'pub' still walking hand in hand as the waiter led us to a small table near the back of the cozy pub and or restaurant. I was disappointed when Anya let go of my hand and sat down across from me at our table. I miss holding her hand already. I had one of the house burgers and Anya decided to have a chicken pie... We ended up sharing. Each time we shared food it turned into some childish game as we try to steel food from each other's plates. Our waiter didn't look too impressed but you know, Anya and I couldn't care less. We never did. This felt like old times. Like we were teenagers sitting in our school cafeteria at lunch and always ended up causing some sort of food fight. "Anything else I can get ya?" The waiter's voice snapped me back to reality.

"No thank you I'm stuffed. The food was amazing!" Anya complimented while I handled the bill

We decided to walk around the town for a bit since the sun hasn't set yet. As we walked down the streets looking in the windows of various stores, I felt my hand brush against hers... do I dare? The very next time my hand brushed passed hers I laced our fingers together and silently hoped she wouldn't pull away.

I can't express the boost of confidence and excitement i got when she squeezed my hand. And just like that, we strolled down the streets, laughing and enjoying the sights... never once detaching our hands. All too soon it was dark and we made our way back to the hotel. I walked Anya to her door and reluctantly let go of her hand as she unlocked and opened her door.

"Goodnight Demitri. See you bright and early tomorrow morning" she said as she gave me a hug goodnight, her breath fanning my ear.

I hugged her back tightly not really wanting to let her go "Goodnight sunshine. Sweet dreams" I stood there in the hall in front of her door as she entered her room, turned around to close the door leaving me with the image of her shy smiling face.

Wow, I really need a cold shower.

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