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Carson in the media.

3 months later...

Mia's P.O.V

The school was hosting baseball tryouts tomorrow. I was more than excited to tryout. And it's crazy, because at the same time, they're hosting softball tryouts.


"So you're gonna try our?" Carson asked once we got to lunch.

"Duh, of course." I say.

She nods.

"I want you there to watch." I say.

She smiled.

"Per usual." She said.

I grin.

"Has Dylan said anything to you lately?" She asked.

"No. He's just been staring at me." I say.

"When I have gym outside, he's usually there." She said.

"Does he try saying anything to you?" I ask.

"No. He mostly asks about you when he does talk to me." She said.

I nod.

"Maybe you should talk to him. Just to see what he's about." She said.

"I already told you, his intentions aren't all that great. I know I bad person when I see one." I say.

"You don't know how he is. He may be popular, he may be team captain, whatever, that doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad person." She said.

I shrug.

"I thought the same about Daniel, but guess what happened?" I say.

She rolls her eyes.

"You know him and Grace are still together?" She said.

"You know I don't care?" I say.

She giggled. I grin.

"How'd you find this stuff out anyway?" I say.

"Snapchat and Instagram." She said.

"I should've known." I say.

"Peep his Snapchat story." She said, turning on her phone and doing whatever.

She then handed the phone to me, set on Daniel's snap. It was a video of Daniel, and his squad. He was holding Grace's hand as he led the pack. Alice and Megan were in the back with their boyfriends; Jacob and Matthew. I also saw Alex and KJ in the mix.

"We out here. Bout to go to the beach. Say hi babe." He said, turning the phone to Grace. She smiled and waved.

Daniel turned the phone back him, biting his lower lip and smiling. He showed his squad, then it switched to his next snap.

It was a slow motion video of KJ doing a back flip on the sand. It switched to the next snap, which was a picture of Grace holding Daniel's hand. It looked like she was pulling him toward the water.

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