I'm sorry... :(

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Please read before you decide its gonna be boring because this is important! (you don't need to read the whole thing, there will be a part I notify you before bullshit will start)

So, it has been like 3, 4 days since my gadget have been stolen and it is never going to return back to me because that was an iPod.. If it was a mobile, at least there was a tiny bit of chance of getting back when the culprit would activate it. I had switched off location service and wifi so "Find my iPod" is not going to work either :(

What I'm trying to say is, this story was all based with the stories I would read on the apps so now that it is gone, I can no longer upload any chapter. I hope you understand...

Later if I get any new gadget or mobile, I will try to upload but for now, this is the end. You may keep this in your archives so that if I ever upload, you will get notification but its your choice.

Thank you for reading this so far. I wanted to complete this with 101 stories but seems like the luck is not with me :(

I still cant get over the stolen incident 😭

*Just meaningless rantings ahead. The main part is over. If you are not interested at all, you can leave here. Thank you for reading*

So you decided to read my meaningless ranting? Well, thank you but let me tell you, it is not going to be interesting AT ALL.

I met my iPod in January of 2012. I had been together with it for 5 and half years and was about to be more of togetherness if it was not for the damn thief!

I have never got a new phone in my life till now and I'm about to be in bachelors from this year. So you might be wondering how the heck I got the iPod. Here is a little story behind how I got my iPod:

It was just fine day in Japan. I was parking my bicycle and saw a folded note. When I picked up, it was ¥10,000 note! (Google say that is 88.8242USD) And being a good kid, I deposited into a police station.

And in Japan, there is a rule that if anyone found something on road and deposited to police station but no one claimed it for certain period of time, the one who found it would get the thing. And for ¥10,000, the time period was 3 months. And guess what? No one claimed it within the 3 months of time so that belonged to me now.

As a gift for being an honest kid, my dad decided to buy me an iPod because iPod was like the thing most people had around us, at that era. It costed around ¥22,000 (of 32GB) so almost half of the money was the one I found on the parking area.

And that's how I met my precious iPod.

How ironic that the thing I got for being honest is now no more because of some dishonest asshole!!!

I curse the whoever the thief is, to get stolen something that is sooooo important to him/her and that person will get into depression and never get out.

I know it must sound so stupid being depressed over an iPod but I just cant get over it. It was so special because that was the only gadget I could really call mine. It is because even though I have mobile, it is always the one used by mom or dad at first and I get it only when the use of the mobile is call and SMS and nothing else. I know that is the main purpose of mobile but cant I wish for a normal working smartphone? I don't even want any expensive one, I just want a one which can support apps... Do you think I'm being greedy? I don't know about that...

I try to convince myself every time that I should be happy with what I have because even when I had iPod, sometime I wished I had new mobile because the iPod was old and stuck on ios6 and could no more install any new apps which was over ios7. But then, I was still happy with what I had.

But now, I cant convince myself anymore...

So, because my parents would never buy me any new smartphone even a cheap one, so I decided that I want to earn money and save it for a new mobile. But then, I cant do part time job mainly because doing part time job here is considered in negative way here. Like you do part time job because your parents cant afford for you, that's the way people's mentality works here. Otherwise I could work as a waitress in a restaurant.

So, I started looking for online job. But whom was I kidding? This is Nepal after all 😩

I seriously hate the circumstances I'm in right now.

And I'm mainly jealous because about 3, 4 months back, my dad's mobile was also stolen. But just yesterday, he got it back because it was activated. And within that period, he already has new phone. I was about to say if I could get the mobile even though it is not well functioning but still it is better than the one I'm using right now which has so low memory, even though it has almost nothing, I need to keep deleting app updates and some pictures every now and then.

But then, mom already said she is going to take it because her mobile is so freaking slow and has really less memory.

So that's the reason I wanted a new one badly but then, I cant even earn money, I cant even ask my parents, I have no choice to be exact.

I just don't want to stay in Nepal at all so I'm trying to apply in University which is not in Nepal and then I can work part time or something (well, idk if I can but can try, right?) and then I will finally be able to save some money. But then... My grades were not really good at the end of high school so I don't know... I think there's nothing I can do 😩

Well, that is turning out of track so I'm gonna stop here. Thank you for bothering to read this far :)

Just wish me luck for getting out of Nepal really soon because I seriously don't want to stay here!

See you.....

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