chapter twenty-two

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Underlined is Greek/latin.


I looked down as I tied Annabeth's hair back. The Ravenclaws weren't leaving us alone and I really didn't want to get caught in the act. She shifted in her seat obviously uncomfortable with so many people asking us things.

"Princess, you have a meeting with Hazel and Piper," I said looking at the clock, she gave me the, 'Thank the Gods,' look before muttering,

"Thanks, I didn't know how to get out of this. Battle plans are my thing but people, you'll always be my go to, Goodluck," I smiled at her my face heating as Leo walked over and opened the door for her before giving me an excited look.

"Look at what I made!" He said hopping up and down like a child. I felt a laugh escape my lips as I spoke clearly for the first time since I left the island.

"Stop jumping, I can't see," I Ravenclaws looked surprised by my sudden change of nature. Leo just handed the small bronze Firefly over to me.

"What does it do?" He just smiled his eyes lighting up as they always did when someone took interest in his inventions.

"Press the space in between the wings." I did as I told and the firefly's eyes began to glow shining pictures they were all of a made up story, a fake group of memories showing me and the Ravenclaws how I got hired by the Royals and how he and I met through me going missing. the last Image was of a fake missing poster showing a younger version of me.

"Neat huh?" He said wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I nodded a soft smile on my lips. 

"You wanna spy on the princesses?" We turned to see Will standing in the doorway smiling.

we both shrugged and followed him out, leaving the whispers of "how did he know the password?" behind us.

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