Chapter 24

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Narrators Pov

The next day you woke up with a yawn.Getting up your mind went back to what happened the night before.Sighing you got up and got ready for school.

You were so excited to go back there,to see all your friends!But you were slightly anxious of seeing Marinette.What if she got upset with the whole dating Adrien thing?Taking a deep breath, you cleared your mind and smiled as you went down stairs.

You greeted your parents and left from the front door to school. Walking,you started spacing out about the whole Tigress situation. You didn't really know what to do.You were still new to learning about the miraculous from Adrien so why would you be the chosen one?

You were pretty sure that you would mess everything up just by looking at the akuma if you tried to jump into action.You could never compete with Ladybug and Chat Noir.They were born to be teammates and if you jumped out of nowhere saying 'I'm here to help',you would probably just destroy their partnership.

Entering the front gate,you heard some surprised gasps and excited squeals,coming from near you.As you were about to look around to see from who came those noises,you were engaged into a bear hug.

You nearly fell over by all of that force being on you.You soon gasped for air making the people that hugged you stop."Guys you nearly suffocated me.Do you really want me to go back to the hospital?"You chuckled and they all laughed nervously.

Opening your now closed eyes,you found yourself in front Nino,Alya,Marinette and Nathaniel.You smiled at them but then furrowed your eyebrows when you saw that someone was missing.

"Um...where's Adrien?"You asked unsure.They all blinked and looked around."Yeah where is he?"They all questioned.Soon enough you all heard running behind you and you  were all surprised to find Adrien panting like crazy.

"Wow,I never thought that mister model would be late for school!" Alya stated and we all chuckled.

"How come you were late Adrien?"Marinette asked him.He scratched the back of his head and glanced at you but then back to everyone's questionable faces.

"Well I-I had a photo shoot early i-in the morning " He stuttered out.Everyone nodded understanding but you didn't buy.You were not convinced.You knew Adrien and you knew that he wasn't a good lier.

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously but didn't get the chance to ask once the bell rang for class.You noted to yourself that you would ask him later.


"Adrien are you okay?In the morning you weren't really telling the truth..."You walked towards him as both of you headed to the exit.

He turned your way and took a deep breath."Sorry it's just that... I was late cause I was talking to Plagg about the Tigress situation last night. " That made you understand everything.

It was then your turn to sigh.You really didn't know what to do.You looked deeply into his mesmerising green eyes and tried to form a sentence to explain,but the look in your eyes said everything with just a glance.

He nodded cutting you off of your trying and he just took a hold of your hand.He brought it to his lips and kissed it softly. You smiled lightly making Adrien smile back.

You too walked out of the school hand in hand,not knowing two shocked eyes were looking your way.

Your Pov

Watering my now probably dead plants I heard a sudden thump from behind me.I smiled and placed the water bottle down."Hey kitty!What's u-"I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw that it was not my kitty behind me.

"L-Ladybug? What are you doing here?"She didn't answer.She just glared daggers at me.Uncomfortably, I looked at her,with sweat starting to form at the back of my neck.

"I should be asking you the same thing Y/N " Saying my name like that made shivers run down my spine."W-what do you mean?I live here?"I asked truly clueless.

"Not that question.The other one."She rolled her eyes annoyed. I didn't know what was going on.As I was about to ask what did I do she cut me off once again.

"Just because you are pretty,smart,talented and more it doesn't mean that you need to cheat on your boyfriend like that" That made me even more confused.

"What?!?!?I never cheated on my boyfriend and I never would " I said obviously.I would never in a thousand years think of  cheating on Adrien.

Just then,another thump was heard from behind me.I turned around and saw Chat with an unreadable expression.

"What is going on here?"Chat asked,his voice not clear.Ladybug came in front of us and glared at me.

"I'm sorry for telling you Chat but Y/N is cheating on you?"Chat's face turned shocked and upset.He looked at me asking me a silent question.I didn't know what to say neither.Then,an idea came to mind.

"With who did I cheat him on?"I asked Ladybug,crossing my arms. Chat looked at me and then back at Ladybug's figure.She continued to look strong.

"On Adrien...Adrien Agrest " And with that, I exhaled an 'oh' sound. Chat then started laughing like crazy and Ladybug looked at him like he was insane.She wasn't wrong though.

I looked at her and she landed her gaze on me with a confused look. "'s-it's kind of complicated-""Y/N you can't just love to people at once!"She cleared out and that's when Chat burst into laughter even more.

I looked at Chat's form to see him,clinging on my table for support,as he was ready to fall down.

"Chat!Focus here.We have a situation " I reminded him and he whipped a tear from his eye with one of his clawed fingers.

"Ok...ok." He managed to speak out.He looked at us and then pulled me close by my waist."I would be worried if she didn't like him"Chat stated,making Ladybug even more confused.

"Wut" She simply spitted out and out of the blue a blinding light appeared.We all,  closed our eyes and Ladybug looked at us shocked.Her hand started to tremble as she looked at the person beside me...


Author Chan:Hahahahahahahahaha!I'm evil.Anyways what do you think Ladybug's reaction will be?

Ladybug:I'm thinking of murdering or throwing Y/N off the roof.

Author Chan:Sorry LB you can't do that,otherwise the readers won't be able to read my stories after if they're dead.


Author Chan:Well hope you'll be alive for the next chapter...and I'll see you all guys on Chapter 25.

Chat Noir:Bye~

Author Chan:Hey...where did you come from?

Chat Noir:From the ladies~

Chat Noir:*Winks and makes all the readers faint and fangirl*

Author Chan:You won't charm me Chat Noir.

Chat Noir:Dang it.

Author Chan: Ok...?I'll see you all guys on chapter 25

Author Chan/Chat Noir:Bye!

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