Chapter 11: Family Reunion

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend:

After Rachel and Jesse's dad hired a babysitter, everything went well and that includes Rachel thats for sure. But the fun can't be forever (sadly), Finn can only stay for weekends. So Sunday Night came, he has to go home. 

After the midnight, Finn went to his house. He miss his bed but its not complete without Rachel in it. In that moment Finn knew his gonna spend his life with this girl he instantly fell in love with. 

"High School's a bitch" He sighed. He just wish that Rachel could graduate, so she and him could be in public whenever they want.


"Hello Ms. Schuester" Finn greeted Rachel. It was Monday, both of them meet in the hallway, sharing secret glances, so Finn break the tension by greeting her.

"Hello Mr. Hudson" Rachel gave him a sexy smile. Urge to Finn to kiss that lips.

"Stop smiling like that" Finn whispered before passing by and continue to walk down the hallway. He gave her one last look, and winked. He mouthed "I love you" to her, and give her a half smile before turning around. Rachel sighed, and continue to walk to her cheerio practice. Both Finn and Rachel are supposed to go to thesame place, but then Rachel saw Finn walking the other way. Rachel went back to follow him. Then she saw him talking to his phone.

"Ok mom, yes, i miss you too, bye" Finn said to the phone before hanging up. When he turn around he notice Rachel standing behind him. He smiled.

"Hey, what are you doing here, I thought you have cheerio practice?" Finn asked, he look around before wrapping his arms around his girlfriend's waist.

"And you have to Coach a bunch of guys, A football" Rachel said, Finn raised his eyebrow. 

"Shit" He cursed. Rachel suddenly slap his arm, causing him to pull away his arms from her waist. He winced rubbing his arm.

"What's with you, hitting me" Finn said giving her a confuse look. "And you've got an arm" Finn said pinching her arm. "Is that a muscle" Feeling her shoulder. Rachel chuckled. She nodded. "I hope you're not going to use that against me , when you know" Finn wiggled his eyebrows. Rachel glared at him, and slapped him in the other shoulder, the second time. 

"Finn.! can we go now, Sue's going to kick me out, if im late again because of you" Rachel said.

"Hey, its not my fault Little Finn wants you" Finn said defending himself while smirking. Rachel laughed loudly. Finn smiled, he really like her laughed, or the noises she makes, when shes happy. He never really heard her sing before, but he bet its beautiful, by the noises she makes. 

"Come on" Rachel said grabbing his wrist, then let go of it when they saw people, walking busy in the hallway.


"So, what did your mom wants?" Rachel asked Finn. They were in Auditorm eating, which no one would go there, because its Monday, and every club has been cancel. 

"What do you mean?" Finn asked confused looking at her.

"I overheard it on your phone" Rachel shrugged swallowing her food.

"Stalker much?" Finn said chuckled a little. Rachel rolled her eyes. "She told me about our Family Reunion tonight, so i'll be leaving" Finn sighed sadly. 

"Can I come?" Rachel said jokingly. Finn looked at her.

"Sure" Finn said simply. Rachel looked at him shocked.

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