The Virginity Game

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            I hated my face. I hated everything about the way that I looked. And the fact that my four best friends were drop-dead gorgeous didn’t exactly help my self-image. And this isn’t the whole I-think-I’m-ugly-but-I’m-actually-extremely-hot scenario. No, this is just the I am a 0/10 on the sexy scale.

            Genetically, I should be attractive, but I had the unlucky draw of the genes. My mom was a small but curvy woman with naturally tan skin, thick and wavy blonde hair, large chocolate brown eyes, full lips, and high cheek bones. My dad was in his late 40s but still looked like he was in his early 20s. He had thick shaggy black hair with no grey hairs in sight, light green eyes a perfect smile with perfect straight white teeth, and a perfect nose. My sister had the same body shape and size as my mother, my father’s eyes and nose, my mom’s mouth, and wavy gorgeous black hair. My brother looked exactly like my sister just with the masculine form of her features.

            They were all beautiful. Then there was me, the youngest of the bunch with the worst features. Somehow I got my grandfather’s nose which was incredibly large. I also got his huge, bushy eyebrows. I had my aunt’s hair, which is very unfortunate. It was very thin and insanely frizzy. Random tuffs always stood up and it was a greenish-blonde color. I had crooked teeth, but they were hard to see through the braces I wore. I had very thin lips which blended into my milky white skin. I had small dark brown eyes that were close together. I also had large bags under my eyes that never went away no matter how much sleep I got and my face as covered in acne. Unlike my mom and sister, I was not curvy. I had no boobs, not butt, no hips. I was a boyish stick with wide shoulders and a thick neck.

            My family was beautiful and I was the mutant that lived under the same roof and shared a common last name.  

            “Mimi!” My sister, Reagan, called from down the hall. Mimi was short for my actual name- Micayla. I hated being called Mimi, to me it sounded like an old woman’s name, but my sister always called me it.

            “What?” I called back.

            “When are your friends coming over?” She showed up in my doorway wearing a light blue sundress with white sandals and her hair pulled back.

            “They should be here in a few minutes.” I looked over at my clock. Penelope and Tanya were supposed to come over at 4:00, and it was already 3:50. Chloe and Sam were coming over later because they were busy selling clothes at the fashion boutique their parents owned.

            “Do you think you guys can go somewhere else tonight? Ricky is on his way over. And you know what happened last time Ricky and your friends were here at the same time.” Reagan said, looked incredibly embarrassed.

            Of course I remembered, how could I forget? I had my friends over and we were having our weekly movie night. We finished making all of our snacks in the kitchen and headed downstairs to the movie room. We opened the door and walked right into my sister and her boyfriend, Ricky- a.k.a. the biggest hottie in our school, having sex on one of the couches. And on the couch next to them were two of their friends going at it, too. I think everyone involved was permanently scarred.

            “Oh God, please don’t remind me! No worries, we’ll go somewhere else. But if you are planning on doing anything with Ricky tonight, please don’t do it in a room that I sit in! Stay in your bedroom.” I said.

            “I can’t help spur of the moment decisions, Mimi. But thank you!” My sister ran down the hall just as the doorbell rang- probably Ricky.

            My sister was, well, on the slutty side of the spectrum. She lost her virginity when she was 13 to some guy she met at summer camp. And even though I didn’t exactly agree with my sister’s choices, I had to admit that I was kind of jealous. I wish I had the confidence to do things like that. I am 17 and still haven’t even had my first kiss.

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