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Chapter 1: The Begining

Marina.......... The daughter of Poseidon do you think you will over take me?

Who are you!!, show yourself!!

hahahaha, you'll see me in the future Marina,

"Mari, wake up!!" I heard someone familiar shaking me

I opened my eyes, and saw a blond haired girl with sterling gray eyes. I suddenly got up and saw my self drenched in sweat.

"Nightmare?" She asked.

"Yes... for some reason I keep having the same nightmare ever since the past 5 years" I said as I was putting on my fluffy slippers.

"The one that says something about daughter of Poseidon or something?" Tara said putting her hair in a ponytail with one of my rubber bands.

"Yes, for some reason it says that I have a brother or something like that.... its just really weird..... But I don't keep mind to it, its not like they this particular God exist or anything like that" I said taking out some clothes from the closet.

I looked over at Tara and it seemed like she was going deep in thoughts which is what she always do when I talk about it. When she leaves every summer and comes back, it's as if she goes even deeper into her thoughts. And it's really weird, but at the same time I think it's kind of funny.

"Tara...." I said snapping my fingers on her face.

"Huh? Oh sorry about that" She said coming back to life.

I just rolled my eyes and said, "What ever, should I wear this?"

I showed her a purple T-shirt that said 'hi hater - bye hater', but Tara said no, "Why don't you wear this orange T shirt"

"Gross..... No offense and all but the orange T-shirt has some black smudges in the middle, which looks like somebody just barfed on it" I said giving a slight grimace.

Tara gave out a deep sigh and said, "Please, Ima wear it too"

"Tara, you be wearing the same orange t shirt every summer, and also it looks ten times bigger on you........ At least take a break for gods sake" I said which I noticed that she was taken aback.

The T-shirt that she worned every summer was her boyfriend's. She never told me his name, but she says that he has been missing for about two years. But I don't bother asking her because I know that it will make it worse.

"I'm sorry....... and- fine I'll wear the t shirt" I said crooked smile on my face.

"Yay" She said jumping up and down.

"So were we going?" I asked as I was putting the orange T shirt on with a light jacket on top, and a pair of skinny jeans.

"Um I don't know I think to the-" But she was interrupted by the sound of her phone.

"Hello?" She said as I was flat ironing my hair.


"Oh hey, G- I mean Lenan, what happened? Did you guys found anything?" She said in a low voice.

Oh yeah, the guy in the phone is one of Tara's friends, I've never met him before either, but she says he's a nice person. I know, it's kind of strange that I don't know any of her friends, while she knows mines.

"Well, call me if you find anything okay?" She said hanging up the phone.

"What happened? Did they found him?" I asked as I finished ironing my hair.

"No, but I have to go there next week" She said

My smile soon went into a sad grin, "Aw, can I come?"

"NO you can not" She said rapidly.

"Why?" I asked annoyed.

Every time my sister has to do something important, she never lets me go with her. And its' getting me annoyed already.

"Are you lying to me that your boyfriend is missing? Dude if you want to be with your boyfriend you could just tell me and not lie to me, alright?" I said with a slight attitude.

"NO I mean yeas.... I mean" She said trailed off

"Never mind, can we just go?" I said heading straight downstairs to the main door.

"Alright" She said following me.

When both of us got outside, Tara called a taxi driver and decided that both of us will go shopping.

"Palisades mall please" I said as I was sitting at the rear end of the car.

"Alright" The taxi driver said with a sort of Dominican accent as soon as Tara got in the car.

As the taxi driver started driving, Tara took out her phone and started scrolling through her messages. I noticed that she was biting her lip, which meant that she has to do something now.

"What happened?" I asked annoyed.

"I have to go like right now" She said biting her lip.

"O my god... I haven't seen you for four years and you decide to leave me for your stupid boyfriend?"I said with total madness.

"Mari, I'm so sorry" She said through the window

"Your sorry?? You know what, can you stop here and let my sister go where she wants to go" I said in a cool tone.

Once he stopped, I slammed the door really hard and turn my face to look at Tara.

"Mari, again I am really sorry" She said once again

"Just forget it, and go" I said looking away now. .

Tara didn't say anything for a minute, she just said bye to me and told the taxi to go. Like what the hell, are her stupid friends more important than me? Ugh I hate this so much.

And the even worst thing is that I don't even know where I am. I never been in this part of New York before, and the even bad thing was that I left my phone back home. I cursed under my breath and decided to walk through the deserted streets. Once I took a left, I saw these group of guys smoking weed and pointing at me as they were talking.

I went to the other side of the street, and heard one of them wolf- whistling . My face turned a bright red but I just kept walking until one of them said, "Yo Mami come over hea"

Just ignore him Marina, he aint gonna do nothing to you, I said to myself.

But the guy that whistled at me started crossing the street coming up to me.

"Get away from me" I said walking even faster than before.

"C'mon mami, I aint gonna hurt chu" He said catching my pace.

Now I started to freak out, "Get the hell away from me!!"

But the guy grabbed me from my arms and pushed me against the wall really hard.

"You see mami, just calm down everything will be fine" He said caressing my face.

I spat on his face and said, "Go to hell bitch"

"Hey don't be like that mami" He said pressing his body over mines.

I was seriously mad and preoccupied, like what the hell is wrong with guys now a days.

But all of a sudden I heard the pipe next to me shaking, and as you know it, the pipe popped open, and a whole water came out swirling its way onto the guy. The water pushed him away to the other side of the far end and I could tell that his friends were freaked out as I was.

Trust me as speechless as I am, I just gave a slight shrug and went running away.

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