Prologue Part 1

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3rd August 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Minny's POV...

I was fourteen when I saw him for the first time. I was with some of my friends grabbing a milkshake before we headed off for school at the milk bar we usually met up at down the main street of our home town.

It was one of my favorite places to meet up with my friends and I didn't mind stopping in the morning before school or of an afternoon and sliding into the red comfortable and thick booths that lined one wall. The bar nearly ran the length of the other with tall thick red cushioned and chrome stools.

We were just about to leave when a group of unsavory looking bikers came in through the door. They weren't real bikers by the look of it and they weren't really that much older than we were. Maybe the oldest could be in his early twenties, but it didn't matter. They looked dirty and uncouth dressed as they were with some wearing leather looking jackets over jeans or denim looking jackets. 

What did stand out was all the studs they had decorating the sleeves and backs of their jackets. One, in particular, would have made me laugh with the sketchy odd looking skull and crossbones hand drawn on the back with a few studs for the teeth. Or where the teeth were supposed to be. Then they saw us as they started looking around.

A couple of the dirtiest looking came across and started being very disrespectful towards us. They were foul mouthed and being suggestive making filthy motions with their hips as they laughed thinking it was a joke of some kind as they sort of asked us if we wanted to go out with them for a bit of action.

I jerked my knee against Sally who was sitting on my left and caught her attention letting her know with a slight jerk of my head that I was going to leave. So gathering our things together, we all moved out of the booth.

Then we started to walk past them when one of the taller ones at the back of them stepped to the side right in front of us between us and the door. His actions drew the attention of the others who were also stopping us from leaving the milk bar.

I could tell that the two girls behind me and Sally were getting really nervous and they knew me well enough to know I was not going to be one to put up with any crap of any sort and they crowded right in behind mine and Sally's backs. I was scared spitless too I told them not long ago. But since they heard I snotted one of the boys in school for copping a feel of my butt, they think I am the bravest.

But I wasn't scared just then. I was disgusted. And a little scared at these jerks confronting us. This is a situation I am not familiar with and I don't like it. And that makes me feel dangerous when I'm not too sure of what to do.

" Move." Was all I said as I shrugged off the hand that I had suddenly felt come to rest on my shoulder. I don't know who was more surprised. Them or me when I growled at him?

I don't much like being touched.  I haven't in a long time. Especially by any snotty looking, filthy faced dirty smelling bikey wannabe who added studs to his jacket just to make himself feel or look important. Because it didn't work. Not with me anyway. Then, when I shrugged his hand off me and glared at him, his mate laughed. 

Whether it was at me or him, I didn't know and I didn't care. But when the laughing idiot decided to make a move and grab hold of me, I acted with an instinctive move. A moment later, the moron was on the ground moaning while holding onto his family jewels for dear life. 

" Do not touch without permission. I hope you remember that. All of you. Now, get the hell out of our way." I growled at them in a louder voice similar to what my mother uses when she gets a little ticked off.  A few moments later, us girls were on the outside and walking down to the bus stop to catch the bus to school up on the other side of town.

That was the first day I met the moron. And it wasn't the last.


Authors Note: 

Hi, everyone. Let me know how you think this is?
Would it be worth continuing?

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