Chapter 0.5~ (Y/n)

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(Y/n)'s P.o.V.


"Coming!" I said, picking up the trey of food. I walked up the stairs as fast as I could, trying my best not to spill the food that was balancing on the trey.

I with one hand I balanced the trey of food and opened the door with the other hand. The door swung open and immediately I was hit with the fowl stench of alcohol.
Ignoring the disgusting scent that I was so used to, I brought it over to the nightstand and placed it down.

"You're late." He spat, his breath only making the smell stronger.

"Pardon?" I asked quietly, glancing up just the slightest to catch the corner of his brown eyes.

"I asked for you to get me food 5 minutes ago!" he boomed.

"Sorry sir," I said, averting my gaze back at the floor.

"Tch." He said as he took a bite of the sandwich. His face twisted into a look of disgust.




"YOU CALL THAT FOOD?!" he shouted. "THAT IS PATHETIC!" My eyes widened as he grabbed a hold of a beer bottle. He turned to be and threw it as hard as he could.
As I saw the brown bottle flying towards me I, quickly, moved out of the way, however not quick enough to not get hit by the shards that flew after the impact.
As soon as all the pieces hit the floor I dropped to the ground picking up all the pieces of glass. I gathered them up in my hand, trying my hardest not to cut myself in the process.
I glanced up from what I was doing only to see him lifting up the trey of food. My eyes widened and I quickly scooted away, dodging the trey of food as it flew towards me and dropping all the shards I had collected.
"useless child." He said as he spat at me. The phlegm hit the floor leaving a white splat mark. I took the rag that I carried around and whipped it up before cleaning up the glass shards and food scraps.
I collected all the scraps of food and glass of the trey before standing back up.
"Go make me some decent food RAT."
I felt my fingers, which cooled around the handles of the trey tighten as I squeezed the trey.

"That was the last of it sir." I said glaring holes into the wooden floor boards.


"You did sir but you locked me in the closet before I-"

"DON'T TALK BACK TO ME!" He shouted as he reached out and grabbed me by my arm. He forcefully yanked me over to his side, grabbed his lit cigar, and pressed it into my skin. I winced in pain but did not make a sound.
The end of the cigar was no longer glowing orange, instead it was completely black. A red crater was now in burned into my skin, it would be just another one to add to the collection. Blood pooled in the digit in my skin, before overflowing and trickling down my arm.

'Just another scar to add to my collection.'

I ignored the burning pain that engulfed the crater and area that was in close proximity to the burn.

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