Lyric’s phone buzzed with a text message later that afternoon. Matt said that Val was making dinner for the three of them, so Lyric should be at their house by 7 pm that night.

            She was a little confused why the couple wanted her to come over, but she decided it was just an act of kindness and quickly replied that she would love to join them.

            Brian paced back and forth in Matt’s living room as it neared 7 pm. “If you don’t stop, Bri, you’re going to wear a path into my floor,” Matt exclaimed.

            “Sorry, man,” he replied before wondering out onto the back deck to make sure everything was set up right. Grabbing the pack of Marlboros from his picked, Brian lit one and inhaled the smoke.

            When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he was startled. He hadn’t heard anyone follow him outside.

            “Brian, everything will work out, I promise. You just have to give her some time. I can’t exactly say I know what she’s going through, since I knew Matt for many years before we started dating, but what I can say is that this is all new to her. Not only are you famous, and her brother’s best friend, but also you guys haven’t know each other that long, and you’re already wanting to talk to her about having kids? Just take it slow, Brian. I know you really like her, I can see it in the way you look at her and the way you talk about her, but you two have got your whole lives ahead of you to have kids, and everything else that comes along with being in a relationship.

            “Your relationship with her has just begun… take advantage of that! Never let her forget how much you love her. She seems like a really great woman for you… don’t let her slip through your fingers like all the others!” Val told him, trying to give him the best advice that she could. She really liked Lyric, and she hated to see her and Brian fight. She knew that over time, the two of them could easily be seen growing old together. She really hoped he wouldn’t mess things up with Lyric.

            Before Brian could thank Val, Matt knocked on the class of the back door. “She just pulled in the driveway,” he mouthed to his nervous friend.  Brian gave him a quick nod before taking a seat in one of the two chairs that has been placed around the little table that Val set up earlier.

            The sun had just started to se, casting an orange glow over the sky. The lit candles that say on the table added to the romantic feel, just like the lace tablecloth and floating candles in the pool and hot tub.

            Brian’s hands started to sweat as he faintly heard Lyric’s voice inside the house. He froze when Matt led her to the back door and said that they would be eating outside.

            The disappointed look on her face when she saw Brian sitting at the table set for two, crushed Brian’s heart. Although, he was surprised when she continued to walk all the way outside and quietly take the seat across from him. He knew at that moment that if he could get his words to come out right, he had a pretty fair shot and making things right between the two of them.

            There was dead silence until Matt announced that their waitress would be out soon to serve them. Lyric gave Brian a confused look before brushing it off.

            Brian was just about to start his long, I-could-never-be-sorry-enough apology when Val walked up to their table.

            “Good evening. My name is Valary and I’ll be your waitress tonight. Can I get you two anything to drink?”

            Once Val went back inside, Lyric looked straight into Brian’s eyes. She knew that if she were about to make up with him, she needed to know that he was really serious about this. His eyes would convey more than his worlds ever could.

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