Chapter 3

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Avery's POV

The owner walked out of his office in time to see us walk in through the front door. He smiles and walks over to us. "Hey there. I see you are right on time for work Avery." He said as he looked up at me then he looked at Susie and asked, "I thought you were going out for a bit?" "I was but your car wouldn't start up." She hands him the keys. "But thanks to Avery, she got it working in no time." He looks at me surpirsed. "You fixed my car?" "Yes sir I did. Well sort of did. I only fixed it enough for the car to start up without trouble until you can get it checked. There is a lot need to be done to it. I would have fixed it all up for you but I didn't have the parts." I said.

He nods his head "Well I could take it to a friend of mine who works as a auto teacher at Bullbell High. Maybe his class can help fix it for me." "Wait Bullbell High. That's my school sir. The teacher you are talking about is his name Mr. Walker?" I asked him and he nodded "Yes. Phil Walker. And you say you go to Bullbell? If you have his class and since you saw the state of my car first maybe you can fix it for me. What do you say? I'll pay you extra then what you are going to make here currently." he said. "Sure sir. Bring the car to the school 3rd period or as 9:00 in the morning and I'll help fix it for you with Mr. Walker." I said "Great. Then I'll see you at nine tomorrow." he goes to shake my hand but I show him the grim and dirt on my hands from his car.

"Oh of course you just worked on my car so dirty hands were to be expected" he laughs and looks at Susie "Why don't you go show Avery here where the bathroom is and I'll leave her uniform, key and list of things need to be fixed and checked in her office. And please go ahead and show her around while you are at it" "Sure Bill. Come on Avery let's get your hands cleaned up even though it may be worthless to try since they may get dirty again." she said to me as we both leave to head to the bathroom. "Oh and Avery the tools are in the parts and service room. You can use them or use your own doesn't matter." Bill Conway yelled to us as we left "Ok sir" I yelled back to him. I turn to Susie and said "He seems like a real nice guy doesn't he?" she nods in agreement.

She leads me through the main area where 4 males up on stage watch as we head upstairs towards the bathroom. "Who were those guys?" I asked her "They are co-workers here. You'll meet them after you wash your hands" She explained. "Ok but where were the animatronics? Aren't they supposed to be on that stage?" I asked "They are currently back stage behind the curtin. Don't worry. Lets focus on the task on your hands" She said as I chuckle slightly. We arrive to the bathroom and I start to wash my hands. "So um I been uh wondering about the uh" she starts to ask but I beat her to it "You're wondering about the blak line on my arm. You think maybe its a odd tattoo, or odd birthmark or something else. right?" I dry my hands as I look at her as she gaps at me shocked.

"I get asked about it alot thats how I know you were going to ask. Question was when were you. I'll tell you." I said as she starts to hold up her hands and wave them back and forth while shaking her head "Oh no no no no no. You don't have to if you don't want to. Must be tiring to tell the story over and over again when people ask" She said nervously but I leaned against the wall very close to her. I literally look down to her with a calm, cool look. "Susie." I said in a odd tone of voice causing her to calm down instently and look up at me. "Its alright, I'm fine with telling the story for there is not much to it. But first." I stand up straight.

"Please take a hold of my hands." I hold my hands out, palms faced up. Susie looks at me confused about my odd reqeust but sees I was serious so she grasps my hands in her own. 'Her hands are very soft and fit mine really well' I thought to myself I blush slightly at her soft touch. "Now tell me what do my hands fell like to you? Is there any kind of difference between them or do they fell the same?" She looks at me again confused but again sees I'm serious "They feel rough. A working man's hand, yet not leathery, they still hold a touch of softness. You have calluses on your fingers, and palms. There is no difference. Why did you ask this strange question?" Susie asks but I smile softly

"Because what if I told you that one of these hands is not real but a fake. Made to be real. Feel real like a real flesh, bone, and muscles hand." Susie stares at me shocked and stares at my hands. "Which one is the fake and which one is the real?" she asked "Tug on my right hand and find out." is all I said as she tugs the hand and it along with half of the forearm detaches from the rest of the arm. She screams bloody murder and drops the arm and I laugh until my gut hurts. "S-s-sorry. S-s-sorry about that. But your reaction. Priceless. But yeah that there is my fake hand." I pick up the hand and put it back on. Susie glares at me "Not funny. But how did you get it anyway?" She asked as she relaxed from the joke and it was at this point the rest of the four males charge in

"What's going on in here? We heard a woman scream" One with lavender hair said. Susie turns to him "It's ok guys Avery here just pulled a prank on me." she explained. They look at the us confused "What was the prank?" Another with long wavy red hair asked. I take my fake arm off and show it to the group who gap at me surprised. "Fake arm. I had Susie here tug on my arm and disconnected it from the rest." I said plainly as I put the arm back on. "Still not funny though." Susie said "I know" I said, chuckling slightly. "So how did you get that fake arm?" a golden haired colored male asked. "I was just about to tell Susie. When I was nine my dad brought me even after hours. He too was a mechanic here. One night something happened. I don't remember what happened all I know is that night while here something bit off my right hand and part of my forearm. The hosptial gave me a fake hand made to be exactly like a real one minus the bones and what not. I just been telling myself that a large animal got me when I was young. That there is how I got my arm." I explained my story.

The group looks at me again surprised that I casully told them. "Wow. Amazing you survived. I thought that a lot of people die quite fast from blood lose even when they are missing a whole hand." a brown haired male said "They do. But from what my dad said he tied a cloth around the stub before taking me to the emergency room." I said. They all nod in understanding while Susie shakes a bit as if she was cold "Susie? You ok? Are you cold? I could run to my car and get my sweater for you to wear if you are" I said worriedly but she shakes her head "No I'm fine. it's just that....that was a very terriable thing that happened to you. I can't imagine anyone getting a body part bitten off like that." she explained as she looks down sadly.

I smile softly and pull her into a hug "It's alright. Like I said I don't really remember what happened that night. So I'm not all that effected by it. Don't worry" I said in a calming tone of voice. I glance at the others and see they hold strong similer traits to the Fazbear gang. From hair color, eye color and height even their voices. I knew right away I was with the animatronics in their human forms. 'Hmm...I guess Fred was right. All animatronics related to the pizzeria can turn into humans, and right now I'm holding Chica. Should have known because of her eyes the moment I met her in the parking lot and when she said the four guys here are 'Co-workers'. But let's play dumb for now with them.'

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