Chapter 1

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Chica's POV

I am tired. Tired of killing night guards for no reason. The killer in the purple guard uniform is gone and yet we still kill. At first it was for the fun of the game but that thought process changed for me when I fell in love with a night guard. I went to him in my human form, I kept the fact that I was Chica the animetronic chicken a secret. But our love disappeared thanks to Freddy and Bonnie and Goldie. They got to him and he found out who I was when I tried to stop them. My love yelled at me, saying he was disguised with himself for falling for a murderer like me.

He was then stuffed in a suit but his words still haunt me. I hurt people I don't want to hurt. I once bit off a child's hand and part of her forearm when her father was checking us for any need repairs or tune up. Even though they say it was an accedent I still feel guilty about it. The child was nine at the time and was a fan of us most of all me. Now I feel as though she doesn't love me anymore for she never returned in ten years. I still feel guilty for all I have done. Foxy tries to help me through it all for he feels the same way about all this. There is nothing we can do against Bonnie, Freddy and Goldie.

I sighed as the last person person leaves and I turn into my human form. "I'm gonna go out for a bit. I'll be back before midnight" I said to Freddy and Bonnie who just turned into their human forms. "Alright Chica. Don't be late." Freddy said to me as I jumped off stage and went to the front area and went to the front office to see Mr. Conway. I knock on the door and hear a soft "Come in" form the other side. I open the door and see Mr. Conway doing paperwork before he looks up and smilies, "Hello Chica. How can I help you?" he asked. "I would like to borrow the car for a bit. I'll be sure to return before midnight."

"Of course go right ahead" he tosses me the keys to his car and I catch them. "I have to stay here for a bit anyway to let our new night guard/mechanic in for her first night." He said,"'her'?" I asked him. "Yes. 'Her'. As in the new guard/mechanic is a female. All though when I met her I thought she was a young man! If and when you see her you'll know what I mean." He said leaveing me confused. "Alright sir. Well I'll be off now. Bye" I said as I left his office and went to the parking lot. I went over to a slightly beat up Dundreary Regina and got in. I put the key in the ignition but had trouble starting it.

"Damn it. Won't start." I pushed the button to unlock the hood of the car and got out to check the engine. I lift the hood and looked at the engine to see what was wrong but couldn't tell what was wrong or not. I sighed and looked helplessly at the machine in front of me. "Excuse me. But do you need help with your car ma'am?" I heard a velvet like voice beside me ask. I looked at the person surprised but was even more surprised to see a seven foot tall male with a boyish yet feminine good looks, short,soft looking shaggy black hair, the most unigue stormy blue grey eyes and a lean athletic yet slightly muscular body.

I blush soft red and look at them up and down and see he was wearing dirt and grease covered blue jeans, equally dirty white tank top with a still somehow clean white zip-up hoodie, and dirt covered black boots, around their neck was a neon green music note. But something about his eyes seemed fimiliar to me. I was brought out of my thoughts when the young man started to speak to me again. "Ma'am?" he asked and I jumped a little and laughed sheepishly while blushing with embarrassment "Oh yes sorry." I said he smiles and laugh slightly causing me to blush even more. "It's alright sometimes I end up lost in my thoughts too when talking to people. It happens." he smile at me more and I smile in return. "So um do you need help with your car? I could take a look and fix it for you." he asked and I just nodded then stepped a side for the them to see the engine.

He pull a penlight from his pocket and flashed it over the engine. "This engine is in bit of a bad shape. When was the last time you had it checked?" he asked not looking at me. "oh um I don't know. My friend owns this car. I'm just borrowing it." I said. "Oh I see. Hey can you please try to start the car for me? Maybe then I could see what's going on so I could posssabliy fix it for you." I nodded and got in the car and try to start it a few times before he called out for me to stop. "I think see what's wrong. Hold on I have to get my tools from my car. I'll be right back." He went over to a black and red Imponte Phoenix a few spots away from me, he open the truck and pull out a big red tool box then came back after closing the trunk.

"Alright got my tools." He said I watch as he put the tool box down and open it up revealing a large a sortment of tools and parts and a dirty rag. He takes off his hoodie and gently places it on the ground. I blush soft red when I see his toned arms but looked confused when I see a curved bold black line around his right forearm. He reaches into the tool box and grabs one of the many tools and starts to go to work on the engine. "So if you don't mind me asking but what is your name?" I asked him as I lean back against the front of the car next to him. He glances at me before looking back at the engine. "My name is Avery." He said, "Wait isn't-" "Avery a girls' name? Yes it is. Of course I would have a girls' name for I am indeed a girl." She said and I looked at her shocked

"I'm sorry it's just that I thought-" "That I was a guy? Yes I'm 100% serious about my gender. It's because of my looks and build that throw people off about it." She looks up at me and smiles, "Don't worry you're not the only one." She said as I blush bright red. "Well again I'm sorry Avery it was still wrong of me to assume." I look down ashemed of myself. She stands up and turns to me "Hey it's alright. Don't worry about it. It's fine by the way you now know my name so what's your's?" Avery asked and I look up at her "My name is Susie." She smiles at me "beautiful name for a beautiful girl." She winks at me before going back to work on the car. I stood there blushing but then I got to thinking 'why does the name 'Avery' sound fimiliar to me'. After a few minutes Avery stands up straight and looks over at me.

"Alright go ahead and start it now" "ok" I get in the car and started it up and it came to live after the first try I looked surprised to hear the car start up so easily like that. Avery closes the hood and I turn off the car as she puts her tools away and clean off her hands as best as she could with the old rag she had. "That was amazing. You really know your cars don't you Avery?" I said as she laughs softly "Yeah I do. My dad taught me most of what I know and school taught me the rest." She puts the rag away but I still see her hands were still a bit more dirty from the engine.

"So I'm just wondering what are you doing here at a pizzeria after it's hours?" I asked. "Well I'm here to see the owner about my first night here as the night guard and mechanic." She said and that's when I realized that this is the girl the boss told me about and boy was he right about Avery looking like a young male. "Oh I see. Well if you want I could show you where his office is. I don't really have anywhere important to go to at the moment." I asked her as she smilies. "You sure? I'll be fine on my own."

"I can tell you can but like I said I have nowhere important to go at the moment or anything to do so why not show you around the building? I work here as a waitress" The smile on her face grows slightly bigger. "Well alright. I guess I could use a guilded tour. It's been a while since I last been here. Just let me put my tools back in my car and we can head in." I nodded as she picked up her tool box and hoodie and took them to her car. She places the tool box in the truck then comes back over to me. "Shall we head in milady?" She asks in a playful way. I laugh softly and smile up at her. "Yes we shall my good gentlewoman." She holds out her arm to me and I hook my arm around it as we walk to the front door of the pizzeria. But then I realized that 'this charming girl may die tonight but she is also the mechanic so there is close to no reason for the others to kill her. Right? Right?.....Oh boy.....may be a long night.....'

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