Welcome home

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Dan sat on the couch that was placed perfectly center on one of the lounge walls. He was waiting anxiously for Phil who was recently on holiday with his family. Now Phil would be in a cab about to arrive at the flat him and his best friend Dan shared. Dan was waiting for Phil to tell him something that could change there lives forever.
About 15 minuets later Dan realizes that the front door to the flat was slowly opening. He knew it was Phil because only three people had keys to the flat and they were > Dan >Phil > and the guy who owned the building. The door finally open and Phil walked though. Dan ran right over to Phil and gave him a hug.

                       (Phil's P.O.V)
"What in the world Dan I have only been gone for a week." I yelled after almost being trampled onto. "Yea i know but that one week gave me so much time to think about things" Dan replied in a soft shy tone. "Anyway Phil i need to tell you something." Dan said. "Alright mate lets hear it" I said

                         (Dan's P.O.V)
"Alright mate lets hear it" he said . My heart nearly droped 100%, but of course I had to tell him. I had to tell him that I love him. "Umm" I tried to speak but the words just would not come out. "WAIT!" Phil blurted out he leaned towards me and let his soft lips slowly touch mine. "I love you Phil Lester" I proudly said in a shy tone
"I love you too" he said back. I could not believe that he kissed me it felt so nice so...... amazing.

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