|Owen Grady| "Our Raptors."

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I watched Jurassic World again (as well as ALL the others), and I was like mmm mmmm BOI I know who I'm writing about next.


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"Charlie don't give me that shit!" A gruff voice sounded from across the Velociraptor enclosure.

A female smirked as she tucked a strand of her H/C hair behind her ear. Her E/C eyes scanned the staircase as she proceeded to descend onto the gravel. Her footsteps were quietly echoing towards the raptors.

Owens expression faded to a puzzled one as he quickly began clicking the button in his hand, gaining no interest from Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie. He began to move along the walkway, following the four Raptors.

She placed both her hands out towards the Raptors that prowled towards her. She smiled and knelt down on the ground.

"Hey, guys." She whispered. "How is Ya doing?" She placed her hand on Deltas head, scratching the scales gently.

"Messing with my damn Raptors again Y/N?" Owen called down. The female looked up and smirked.

"They're animals, Owen, they need a bit of motherly care now and then not just training 24/7."

"And you see yourself as mother material?" He laughed.

Y/N raised her hand causing Charlie to leap at her form, nuzzling her pale cheeks. She smiled and looked back up at Owen.

"That answer your question?"

He scoffed and walked across the walkway. Y/N stood up from her spot and walked towards the gate. Her hand was hovering over the button for a moment before pressing it. She slid under the gate and slammed the button again. She looked back at the four Raptors and gently patted each of their heads as they whined quietly against the bars.

His hand found its way to her shoulder. She looked at it and smirked slightly.

"Did I 'impress' you." She laughed.

"Mhm, I guess you are mother material huh?" He winked, causing the girl to blush slightly.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

He laughed and smirked again. She rolled her eyes and walked away from the enclosure.

A man with a beige shirt walked over to the pair; he wasn't the slimmest of characters. His hair was gray on the sides and almost a dark gray on the top.

"Hoskins..." She muttered, narrowing her E/C eyes. Owen knew how much she detested the man. She folded her arms across her chest before breathing out slowly.

He began talking to Owen, practically ignoring Y/N, she continued to listen in on the conversation, tapping her foot in annoyance. She glared at the man, earning a glance from Owen now and then. She yawned loudly and glared at the man as he turned to her.

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