|Handsome Jack| "Not Just A F*** Buddy."

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"Let me shed a little light on the situation here cupcake

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"Let me shed a little light on the situation here cupcake..." Jack smirked.
"You don't need to shed any light on anything... Jack..." You spat venomously.
"God Y/N you are stubborn, aren't you? I wanted to rule Hyperion with you by my side. Many ladies would kill to be in that position!"
"Yeah well I'm not many ladies am I? I'm just one... One that I thought you loved."
"One that I thought you loved." Jack mocked. "Aw boo hoo. God you're so annoying kitten. I mean come o-"
"Don't call me that..." You scowled and grabbed your blaster from your holster, aiming it at his head. He smirked and grabbed your wrist tightly, turning you away from him. He stepped closer to you and pressed his chest against your back. A short gasp emitted from your throat when you realised the position you were in. You swallowed and looked to you arm, which Jack held down by your side.
"Now then kitten, where were we?" He smirked.
"Get off me!" You hissed.
"God you're sexy when you're angry."
"Do one."
He slowly reached his hand up, gently stroking it along your side, sending a shiver down your spine. You quickly moved away from him before turning to glare at him.

"I'm not just your fuck buddy... Jack." You crossed your arms across your chest, glancing away to the side.
"I never said you were Y/N."
"That's what you treat me like..."
He stepped closer looking down at you.
"Don't even try to reason with me Jack..." You sighed. "I'm leaving anyway so you can flirt with as many girls here as you like."
"And where are you going to go?"
"Don't know, don't care." You bluntly replied before walking towards the door.
"I can't stand this anymore Jack, it's not fair."

With that you left. Left him. Left his life.


The desert plains were all that surrounded you as you continued to wander on. Killing the occasional Skag that had snuck up on you.

You didn't regret leaving Jack. He was probably better off anyway. He was probably fine. Probably fucking another girl by now.

But he wasn't.

Instead Jack had distanced himself from most of Hyperion. He had been sitting at his desk trying to justify his actions but he couldn't. He knew he was wrong and that was why you left. Usually you would have forgiven him. Seems this time he wasn't so lucky.

The girl he trusted had done him wrong but it was his fault so he couldn't blame her. Instead all he could do was curse at himself all day long. He needed a plan to get you back. He hoped you'd realise that he was sorry, but you were one of the most stubborn people he had met so that was going to prove hard.

He had to do this on his own. If he met you on his own he would have more of a chance getting you back.


You glanced around the small town before averting your gaze to Helios. A wave of sadness washing over you. You missed him but you couldn't force yourself back there it wasn't fair on you and you weren't just about to forgive Jack. Not yet anyway.

A large garage named Scooters was now in front of you. You made your way towards it, a bag of cash ready. You needed a car to get further away and you were gonna need one that could withhold your shit driving.

"Hey welcome to Scooters!" An almost nasely voice rung out.
"Oh um hello, hey I need a car that can just get me out of here."
"Sure can do! What's a Hyperion gal like you doing down here without getting shot."
You swallowed the lump in your throat and coughed.
"Well, I've basically ran away... I don't intend on going back."
"Why's that?"
"Just someone..."
"Ah! Alright I wont ask."
"Cheers." You muttered.
"Okay, this is the cheapest I got love." He pointed at a small camper van kind of vehicle. You smiled and handed over the bag.
"Keep the change. Thanks for this."
"No problem. Bye for now. Know that you're always welcome at Scooters!" He smiled.


Jack landed the small aircraft. News had already got around Hyperion and small parts of Pandora that Jack had left Helios.

He was in search for you and he would do whatever it took to tell you how he felt. It wasn't going to prove easy.

He walked around the same small town you had passed hours ago. Looking towards Scooters. He walked in and looked towards the man.

"You seen a girl pass by here. Did she get a vehicle?"
"I need more details to help ya!"
He took out a small photo he had of you and him. You were laughing at Jack in it whilst Jack stood with his signature pose with his hands on his hips. You looked happy with him. Now all that was gone.
"Ah Yeah, she was something. Said she'd run away. What can I do for ya Jack?" He seemed shocked to see Jack and slightly intimidated.

"I need to find her."
"I got trackers on all the cars I sell. I can show you where she is."
"Do it."


You stopped at a small water pump, that was in the middle of no where. Filling up a large flask you had in the van. You sighed, gazing around the desolate surroundings only seeing a small speck in the distance.
"Probably another vehicle..."
You climbed back in the van and just sat there for some time. Taking out some things from your pockets.

There were photos. A few notes and Jack's room key as well as your own. You sighed and placed it to one side. The sadness overwhelming you by now. Yeah you were happy but you were living a lie. You and Jack were never a thing just... Friends with benefits. It's not what you wanted...

The car was now parked next to your van. You watched from the window as the man got out.
You froze on the spot and tried thinking of a plan. There was no where to hide. Yet half of you didn't want to hide or run. Half of you wanted to run to him and kiss him.

You expected him to knock but no instead he just ran in causing you to jump and look in his direction.
"J..Jack what are you doing here."
He said nothing but walked towards you. Taking your face in his two hands kissing you roughly. You whimpered quietly and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. He picked you up and placed your legs around his torso. Placing you against the wall.

"You're more than just a fuck buddy Y/N I realise that now."
You looked at him once more and smiled softly.
"I've missed you..." You admitted.

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