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Pen Your Pride

She turned up the radio and sang along, scratching behind Ralph’s ears.

I pulled into the dorm room parking lot and carried her stuff upstairs. “You know it’s only for the weekend, right?” I joked, as I put her stuff down.

“So do we have plans for tonight?” Zoe asked, flopping out across my bed.

I thought about mentioning Amy’s party. But it had been a long time since I’d actually had some alone time with Zoe. “How about a romantic dinner?”

She shrugged and smiled at me. “How about we just spend some time together? You could make me dinner.”

I chuckled. “Of course my lady.”

She sat up. “But first I’m going to take a shower. I’d all icky.” She kissed Ralph on the head and grabbed some clothes on her suitcase. She headed into the bathroom.

“Nothing for me?” I called after her.

“Oh, right.” She dropped her clothes in the bathroom and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pressed her lips to my ear.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and planted my lips on her neck.

“Watch Ralph for me?” she whispered. She pulled away from me and laughed her way into the bathroom.

I stood there for a few more seconds, still caught up in the heat of the past moment. Then I shook my head and went to play with Ralph.

“Mason,” Zoe called from the bathroom, a few minutes later. “I forgot a bra.”

“Alright,” I called, opening her suitcase. As I went to grab a bra, something else caught my attention. Tucked in the corner of her suitcase was a box of condoms.

I stared at it for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out what it meant.

“Mason?” Zoe’s voice called.

I quickly grabbed a bra and tossed it into the bathroom, my mind still reeling.

Zoe came out of the bathroom, scrunching her wet hair. She was wearing a pink Victoria’s Secret jacket with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows. It read “Love Pink” across the front in black. On the bottom she wore a pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear. “I forgot pants too,” she explained, heading towards her suitcase. She cocked her head and raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, why would something be wrong?”

She rolled her eyes and slipped into a pair of black Victoria’s Secret sweatpants that had “Love Pink” written down the side in white. “Alright Mr. Weirdo.” She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Whatever you say.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist. “Are you teasing me again?” I whispered, pressing my forehead to hers.

She wrapped her legs around my waist. “You tell me.”

I went to kiss her when Ralph barked, causing her to fall in surprise.

I doubled over laughing, and after a few moments, reached my hand down to help Zoe up.

“You jerk!” She took my hand and helped herself up. “I can’t believe you laughed at me.”

“Oh come on,” I said, kissing her cheek. “You would’ve laughed at me.”

She picked Ralph up in her arms and planted a kiss on top of his head. “Thanks Ralph.” She scratched behind his ears a little and then put him down on the floor.

“So what would you like for dinner?” I asked, heading towards the kitchen.

“Anything as long as you make it,” she said, a smile on her face.

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