Jared's pov  

  I stormed out of my car feeling the anger as it pulsed through out my whole body. I had no explanation for the madness that cruised my soul. All I wanted to do was grab on to Blade Russell's throat and threaten him.   I heard noises in his backyard.  I walked around the back and caught sight of  him working out.

"What the hel-" he began but I didn't give him time to talk.

I felt my fist connect with the side of his jaw, sending him flying back.

He clutched his bleeding face," Are you insane? What the hell was that for?"

I stormed over to where he was lying on the ground," So you're Emeralds mate, huh?"

"What business is it to you? You left her like dirt on the end of your shoes!"

"Don't!" I growled, lifting him by the top of his shirt," Don't act like you even give a sh*t about her, because you don't!" 

"How you're feeling right now is how she felt when you dumped her! Expect ten times worse because she was alone! You have your own f*cking mate!"
"You have no right to tell me how she felt because I know! You're nothing but some player! You're a damn enemy! But like father like son, huh? Willing to be a traitor to your own pack?"
"I would never," he stood up and pushed me away.
"Than stay away from Emerald-"
"Or what?" he challenged.
I brought my fist up to punch him but he grabbed it with his hands and twisted my arm," Or what?" he repeated.

I shrugged him off," Or I'll kill you?"
"Is that a threat?"
"Consider it a promise," i brought my other fist up and connected it with his nose.

Blade's pov

I would have fought back for my pride, dignity and respect but I didn't have the power. My bones felt limp, like jelly. I could barely lift up a hand to block a punch. My power was drained out of me. It was happening, the separation between me and my wolf. All because of not being able to be with my damn mate.

So I let Jared beat the crap out of me deciding that I want him to because I deserved it.
I heard him yelling, screaming swear words at me but when Emeralds name escaped between the flesh of his lips I felt a strange anger that electrified inside of me.
My arm went up to block out another punch and threw him off of me.

"How can you stand there, asking me not to hurt her when you've caused her the most pain?"
Jared stopped. His brown eyes pierced into my golden ones.

"She doesn't deserve more pain, you being with her will only complicate things."
"are you sure? Because I think your not ready to let her go."
"I have a mate-"
"Than why aren't you with her? Why are you here, fighting me for a girl that's not yours?"
"Because..." sweat began to pour down his face as he repeated angrily," because!" 
"Because what!" I snapped, holding on to his arm.
He pushed me away," stay the f*ck away from her."
He turned around and headed back to his car.

I stood there for a moment or two, sweat pouring down my face, feeling the impacts of all those punchs from Jared.
My weakness draped over me like bed sheets and without control, my legs collapsed beneath me.

Emerald's pov

I sat on my favorite leather couch in the living room, watching some stupid show called Toddlers and Tiaras.
This had to be the most born Saturday ever.
I shouted at the screen and flung a raw, half bitten broccoli at it when I saw a four year old getting a spray tan. 
I heard the door being knocked and shouted," come in!" than muttered lowly to myself," join my eventful saturday."
Jason walked in and when I saw Amanda trailing behind him, I groaned and dug my face into the pillow," Great, my weekend just got worse."
Jason shot me a look when I looked up and hissed," be nice."
Amanda flopped down on the couch besides me," I love Toddlers and Tiaras!"
I fake laughed over enthusiastically," Me too!"
"Great! You two have something in common! I gotta go pick up some things, Amanda, I'll be back in an hour or so."

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