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The Fake Mate

Chapter one



            “Paige, Little Scotty cut his leg up real bad, he needs your help.” I turned to see Laura, one of my best friends since childhood standing in the doorway. Scotty was Laura’s little brother, he often got himself into trouble. And she often overreacted. 

            I nodded and set down the book I had been reading, “Sure, I’ll just grab my first aid kit and—”

            Laura shook her head, her brown eyes clouded over, “No, he needs your help. You know what I’m talking about.” I felt my stomach drop and nodded, Scotty must really be hurt. I followed Laura’s red hair down the stairs and found Little Scotty sitting on top of the counter in the kitchen.

            I walked over to him and saw that his leg had a huge gash down the side of it, everything was exposed, muscle, bone and tissue. I gritted my teeth and looked over at a very pale Laura, she looked like she was going to be sick.

            “Clear the kitchen, shut the blinds and lock the doors,” I ordered swiftly. She nodded and did as I said as I turned to Scotty and murmured sweet, comforting nothings in his ear.

            “Done. Is he going to be okay?”

            I nodded, “He’ll be fine, I just need to concentrate.” Laura melted into the corner of the room and stayed silent as I let my hands hover over Little Scotty’s leg and closed my eyes. I felt power heat up in my chest and slowly move down my arms. My fingers tingled as the pure white healing light flowed from them and wrapped around Scotty’s injured leg.

            Scotty’s whimpering gradually stopped and I smiled and stood up a little straighter. I was drained, but it was rewarding to have helped someone in need. “My leg,” he mumbled blankly, “You fixed it.”

            I smiled, “I sure did, how did you hurt it anyways?”

            “He was wrestling with a coyote when I found him, stupid boy,” Laura scolded.

            I grinned, “Who won?”

            Scotty flashed a smile that was missing teeth, “I did.”

            Laura snorted, “Yeah, you really beat him up bad. That’s why I found you calling out for Mom on the forest floor.” Scotty’s face went as red as his sister’s hair and I giggled and left the room. I would leave them to their family banter.

            The power of healing had always been with me, ever since I was a child and would heal injured animals. Only a few people knew about it; My Dad, Laura, Connor and my Alpha. We thought it was best to keep something so valuable a secret. Whenever I had to do it on pack members, we usually sedated them. Scotty was an exception since he was so young.

            I walked down the hall and gasped when two arms wrapped around my waist. Instantly, I relaxed into Connor’s hold and leaned my head back against his chest.

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